Can You Afford a Laptop Theft?

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Losing your laptop is a recipe for disaster.
All of your personal information, all of your contacts, all of your work; gone and in the hands of the unknown.
If your laptop is stolen then all of your precious information is in the hands of a thief who will not stop with just stealing your laptop.
We're talking Identify Theft as well as data loss.
Many people believe that just having a laptop password protected in good enough for them.
It's not.
There are too many softwares available that can bypass passwords in under a minute.
According to the FBI, laptop theft loss totaled more than $6.
7 million dollars in 2005 to personal users and companies.
The average theft of a laptop costs a company $89,000 in software, data and personal information.
MAJOR COMPANY LAPTOP THEFTS •AICPA lost a laptop during shipment; over 300,000 members personal information was compromised.
•The Federal Trade Commission had an employee's laptop stolen out of his car.
Over 100 social security numbers and other information about top employees at this company were stolen.
•AIG, a major insurance company had close to one million customers private information, including credit card numbers, jeopardized when several of their laptops were stolen.
•The U.
Department of Veterans Affair put 26.
5 million people at risk for identity theft when one laptop was stolen from a employees home.
If large companies and even the United States Government can't keep their information secure how can you? WELCOME NEW TECHNOLOGY In our ever changing technology world, ways to protect your laptop (and more importantly, the data stored on the laptop!) is becoming a main stream conversation piece.
Programs that track your laptop are available to prevent such things as above happening to you or your company.
•Get a location on your laptop to within thirty to forty feet •See who is using your laptop through the webcam •Encrypt your files even after it's reported missing •Backup your files even after it's reported missing •Lock down the computer once your important information has been backed up, rendering it useless Not only will the program save your important data, but it can help you retrieve it thanks to GeoTracking.
Never worry again about losing your most valuable possession; the possession that has the capability of destroying who you are if it were to fall in to the wrong hands.
Secure it with a Snuko's Anti-Theft program and give yourself one less thing to worry about.
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