Why didn't your keywords work in AdWords?

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If you have a list of many valuable keywords with high search volumes in your Adwords campaign but they did not drive too much traffic or sales, you may want to follow these steps to ensure that those keywords are really effective.

Your keywords may be too broad

Broad keywords rarely give you good results in traffic and sales. Because they are to broad, they could be anything within that industry. Specifically if you sell "high-end laptops", never use "laptop" as your keyword in general. Buyers have different budget ranges and buyers may not be end users. You should target specifically your audience to effectively use the keywords. Long keywords should be applied to show your ads to targeted customers such as "buy high-end laptops", "high-end laptop sale", ect. This could help you increase not only your traffic but also your conversion rate.

Your bids for good keywords re too low

You may have 10 keywords in your adgroup, but you had better select top 3 to increase bids. These gold keywords should be often checked over to ensure that they are always on #1 page. Those keywords generating high conversion rate should be taken care of. You also need to pay attention to the keywords ranked on high average positions.

Take advantage of AdWords free tools

Keyword Tool is very useful for you to view the whole picture provided by Google. Opportunities tab is a good function helping you to see which keywords hot currently and they even give you keyword ideas based on current competition. Moreover, you can add those suggested keywords right away after selecting them. Traffic Estimator is another free useful option for you whenever adding new keywords into the adgroup. Often using those tools helps you filter your best keyword choices.

Selecting the right keywords should be based on target and the industry nature. You should not choose all possible keywords or bid aggressively. What you need to improve is the keyword quality score and suitable bids for top keywords in the adgroups.
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