Starting Problems in a Town & Country

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    Battery Trouble

    • To start a Town and Country, the battery needs to have a charge. Even if the battery itself is fine, the battery's cables could be damaged or not properly attached. Older batteries also face corrosion problems. If the battery or its terminals show signs of white powder, then corrosion is present.

    Fuel Issues

    • If fuel cannot reach the Town and Country's injectors, then the vehicle will not start. Other issues can include a damaged fuel filter or faulty spark plugs. Water within the gas tank or any of the fuel lines will also immobilize the vehicle. Fuel systems can be complex, and the vehicle may need to be towed to a mechanic.

    Wiring Concerns

    • Any damage within the electrical system will cause starting trouble. While replacing blown fuses is a relatively easy remedy, the problem could also be with the automobile's relays. Check the wiring itself. Deterioration can lead to faulty wiring, and the electrical system will not work if wires are loose or not properly attached to their corresponding components. Wet wires can also temporarily disable a vehicle.

    Mechanical Problems

    • Investigate the Town and Country's starter motor. Any damage or malfunctions there could be to blame. Also, problems with the pinion may be at fault.

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