The MAIDS Report

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Beginning in 1999 and extending over the next three years, the Motorcycle Accidents In Depth Study, or MAIDS, measured the general level of safety on the road for motorcycle, scooter, and moped riders. Borrowing from the same standards of the landmark Hurt Report, this study was backed by the European Commission and executed by the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers. As a result of the study's findings, motorcycle riders and policy makers can better understand some of the greatest dangers currently on the road.

The study measured information from a total of 1,844 incidents, roughly half coming from data collection taken from accident cases. Among these incidents, researchers were able to gather a better general overview of where motorcyclists were most likely to crash or be struck. The data was collected from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, all of which represent first-world, modern nations with reasonable public safety standards on the road. However, none of these nations can match car ownership with the United States.

Perhaps of all discoveries, the researchers uncovered a serious problem for riders. Between rural and urban settings, the study uncovered that 72 percent of all accidents occurred within an urban environment. Similarly, intersections, particularly common in cities and suburbs, accounted for roughly 54 percent of accidents. Considering these figures, the high traffic density and close interaction between motorcyclists and other motorists seems to be a continual problem for comparatively unprotected motorcyclists.

Relative to all other factors, a collision with a passenger car made up the most common type of accident for two-wheeled motorized vehicles. These accidents consisted of 60 percent of all collisions, illustrating the need for better driver-rider interaction on the road.

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