How to Use Mind Maps to Improve Your Memory

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Our brain has a huge capacity to remember things however, there are many techniques that you can use to help it.
One of these techniques is mind maps.
They can be used to assist us in remembering lots of different information.
Mind maps are a visual aid.
As the brain relies up to 40 % on vision to recall information this makes this technique very effective.
The maps also engage the left hand side of the brain which is the logical and analytical part and the right hand side of the brain that controls our creative processes.
Mind maps were created and developed by Tony Buzan and he has written books on the subject and other books that are related to developing your brain power.
Mind maps arranges information by using pictures, different colors and words to enable the brain to recall this information easier and faster at a later date.
To create a map you begin with the main word or picture.
Take a sheet of plain white paper and write that word or picture in the centre of the page.
Draw a circle around the key word or picture.
This is the centre that you will be working from.
The next stage is using connecting lines from the circle to other words or pictures that relate to the main key word in the centre.
You then create more lines from these related keywords to other keywords or pictures to build up your map.
The key is variety.
The more words, images and colours you use the better you will be able to remember and recall the information.
Another advantage of this system is that you do not need to write down a lot of information as you are using the keywords, images and colours to trigger the rest of the information that is stored in your memory.
Once you get use to developing and using the map you will find that you will only have to use it once.
As the ideas created by the map will become lodged in your memory and you can recall the information at will.
The great benefit with mind maps is that you can use them to recall a whole variety of information.
For example they will help you to develop and remember a speech for a presentation.
They can help with recalling complex formulas for exams, they can also help you to condense and summarise huge amounts of information to the main points.
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