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Formally known as British Honduras the country of Belize is one of the smallest in Central America with very strong ties to the UK primarily as a result of colonial rule in the past.
The official language in Belize is English and it is no surprise to learn that a growing number of English expats are now looking towards Belize as a possible home for the future.
So what can you expect when relocating Belize? Population The population of Belize is just over 330,000 and is expected to grow at around 2.
2% per annum which in percentage terms is one of the highest growth rates in the Western Hemisphere but in actual population increase is still relatively small.
The strong relationship with the UK can be traced back to the 1600s when explorers landed in the area although as with many countries in central and southern America there are also very strong links with Spain.
Weather Despite the fact that Belize is one of the smallest countries in Central America it does offer a very diverse climate, landscape and environment in which to live.
We have the world's second largest barrier reef along the Caribbean coastline, mountainous areas, lowlands and flat areas.
Officially the climate in the country is classed as tropical with both wet and dry seasons although there are a number of mini ecosystems operating in the area.
Hurricanes are a problem in Belize and the worst one back in 1931 wiped out two thirds of the buildings in the country.
However, this prompted the rebuilding of the capital further inland which has to a certain extent offered more protection for the capital city.
Rainfall can vary between 1350 mm to 4500 mm and this is between the far north and the far south respectively.
Economy There is a very strong banking community in Belize but there are also employment opportunities in agriculture, merchandising, tourism and construction.
There was also a recent oil find in the area which has the potential to totally change the economic environment and the prospects for the country.
Slowly but surely we are seeing more interest from overseas investors which has also attracted the attention of expats looking for a new place to lay their heads.
One of the downsides of the Belize economy is the fact it can suffer dramatic swings in the good times and the bad times in relation to the worldwide economy.
However, once you appreciate these factors there are many plus points towards living in Belize.
The cost of living in Belize When you consider that gross domestic product per person in the country is under $10,000 and the average income is also under $10,000 per year it is not difficult to see how a relatively small income could offer you a relatively high standard of living in the country.
The cost of living can be different across the various areas of Belize and you should do your homework before deciding whether the country is for you.
Conclusion Like so many countries in Central America and South America, Belize is probably a country that you have never considered before.
However, when you take a closer look at the prospects and the makeup of Belize it is not difficult to see why more people are considering the region.
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