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When infant humanity had been led astray by the martial lucifer spirits and had fallen into generation it became necessary for the other divine herarchies to take steps looking to a future regeneration and divine heirarchies and to further that object the londs of venus were brougth to education humanity in such a manner that love might be substituted for lust and men might thus be induced to aspire to something highter. While the lords of venus dealt with mankind in general the most precocious among them were taken in hand by the lords of mercury, whose wisdom-teacher is symbolically represented by the caduceus or "staff of mercury ", consisting of two serpents around a rod and indicating the riddle of life, of 'wherce have we come, why are we here and whither are we bound? 'showing the pupil the spiral path of involution by which the divince spark has buried itself in matter, also the path of evolution by which humanity will eventually reach the father's bosom, and the short road of innitation represtend by the around which the serpents twine. But to understand these mysteries requires mind and reason."
In the diagram upon which at the moments our minds are focused are two central points: the house of scorpio, ruling the genrative organs, also "death" to the physical plane and regeneration though liberation from its lower influences, and the 5, the numeral of mercury.
Mercury is usually found, as a ruler, to be deep, strong and with great power of endurance when posited in scorpio, and with a mind with great power of concentration and ability for deep reseach.
It is further of import to find that the sum of the numerals- 4i -commences with the 4; uranus the breaks up in order to rebuild anew. It rules in the evlutionary sence the sign and comes in the seconds traid diagram. the i is found in the first diagram. So these provides links thought the three.
the 5th house is closely associated with creation force and generation, and is in square aspect to the 8th. further there is a close relationship between the 5th and 1oth houses, and no small link. authoritative and link being at the head of affairs. it is often that these children are brought together in life. one explanation of this fact will be found in the main diagram, for the sun is correlated to the 7th world and saturn to the 6th.
Here certainly have we the explanation of the riddle that must have puzzled many students, i.e. the reason for
the royal house of the being so near the nadir and ruling the aspiration point of the map, the point from which the most powerful ray he solar orb focuses his strength at midday.
Evolving man has turaned the zodiac, as it were upon himself, and saturn stands in authority over him until, thought testing and trails, he has proved himself fit to pass thought the gates to higher planes.
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