Simple weight loss planning

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Excess weight has beneficial effect to our health. You will only face problem just because you have excess weight. So it's better for you to lose that extra weight in order to get a healthy life.

But have you set your plans for the project? You should have both short term and long term goals. The long term goal is the subject of the discussion that is the weight loss. Short term goals are few small steps that you should take in this regard. But before choosing the weight loss plan you should think twice about the validity of the project that you are going to adopt.

Experts have expressed their views in this regard and some of them are stated below for your consideration.


Most people do have ambitious plan regarding the weight loss program. Suppose your weight is 180 pound and you are targeting to lessen that to 110 pound and you are 50 years old. Since your 18th birthday your weight hasn't been 110 pound and you are now expecting to lessen that to that extent. Its an improbable target. You should be realistic with your projects.

Do you know about your BMI? It's a useful index to measure whether you are overweight or not. The ideal BMI should be in the region of 19-24.9. If you are in that region then don't bother about anything else. If your BMI is in the region of the 25-29.9 then you will be considered overweight and anything above the range of 30 will be considered as obese. So know your BMI first. It's a must.


If you don't know why you are losing your weight drastically I would request you not to do so. Everything should have a certain goal. You should know about your need and for that you will have to set your objectives.

You will need to do exercise and eat the right food just not because you want to lose the weight. Its because you will feel good with that measure.

Losing should not be the main focus:

If you say that you will lose 15 pounds of weight in this week, it doesn't feel good to ears. Rather you should say that you are going to have some exercise in this week. It sounds pretty good. You should know that your weight loss program isn't within your control but you can easily control your behavior.


Set small goals first. You shouldn't go for the sky at the first attempt. Rather you should want to touch a tree first. That may be a small target but a realistic one. In terms of health and exercise this is all the same.


You don't need to be jack of all trade and master of none. Instead that you should keep your abilities focused on a fixed point. Take the whole project week by week and if you fail to pass a week's program successfully, don't think that you are never going to make it. Instead concentrate on the next week.

You should encourage yourself because self encouragement is the best way to go in this regard. You should have that never say die attitude.


Some people say that this week I will leave my blood on the ground but ultimately returns empty handed. If you are looking to really reduce your weight then you should go for those measures that can be measured. Not these types of virtual goals that can't be measured. Your main concentration should be towards making the whole program successful and to do so you will have to set realistic goals and go towards your desired goal.

Weight loss is not an abstract term, rather a realistic one. You will need to take realistic measures and steps to successfully lose a bit of weight. If you can do so then you may have gone a long way in achieving your goal. These above mentioned measures aren't and medication or any weight loss plan, rather they are the guide line that every individual who are willing to lose his weight should follow. You may have adopted a perfect idea or exercise plan but if you don't adopt these measures then you won't be able achieve your goals perfectly.

Weight loss program is a fairly easy one as it needs dedication and concentration. If you have that level of dedication and concentration then you will also be able to do so. It just depends on your willingness to sacrifice something for something better.
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