Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Can Avoid Homeowner Nightmares

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Working in the construction business for more than three decades and dealing with hundreds of clients and thousands of people, has taught me one thing and that's to be selective about who I choose to work for.
Don't work for homeowners that are going to create a nightmare for your construction company.
If you're a bathroom remodeling contractor and you're having problems with your homeowners and these homeowners keep recommending you to their friends and family, it's time to stop working for them.
A bathroom remodeling referral from a homeowner that you don't get along with, should tell you something about the person that they're going to refer you to.
A common theme among people is that birds of a feather flock together.
In other words, homeowners that will create nightmares for you, often know other homeowners that will do the same and it's like a never ending cycle.
If you're planning on staying in the bathroom remodeling business, you're going to need to say no every once in a while.
If someone that you were working for, refers you to someone else and you had problems with them and don't want to hurt their feelings.
You can tell them that you're too busy and don't have the time right now to work on your friends home.
This is a gentle approach to saying that you don't want to work for them and usually these people get the message and will quit referring anyone to you.
You need to get rid of the bad clients and keep the good ones.
Whatever it takes, you've got to quit working for homeowners that create nightmares for your construction company.
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