How to Adjust a Chain Tensioner on an ATV

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    • 1). Place the ATV on a level surface. Make sure there's no weight on the ATV and that all tires touch the ground.

    • 2). Move the ATV backwards and forwards to find the tightest part of the chain and then measure the slack.

    • 3). Compare the measurement with your manufacturers specified drive chain slack. If it's incorrect, adjust it.

    • 4). Loosen the rear axle pinch bolts.

    • 5). Insert the rod into one of the holes in the drive chain tensioner.

    • 6). Shift the transmission into neutral and push the ATV backwards to tighten the drive chain. Push the ATV forwards to loosen it.

    • 7). Pull the rod out and then tighten the rear axle pinch bolts to the torque specified by your manufacturer.

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