Christian Sex Tips for Better Sex and Sexuality in Christian Marriages

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If you find that you have minimal conversation or nothing romantic to say then I would be under the assumption that it's time to talk about some issues that are bothering one of you.
There could be a lot of things that are keeping you from having good, quality Christian Sex.
Maybe it's a financial issue, maybe it's stressful worries about work or the kids.
Maybe there are some "secrets" that you need to share with your partner, or maybe you just need to vent out and express your unhappiness with a certain situation, or the way things have been going in the past few months.
All of these things are not exactly the greatest romantic conversation pieces...
but at least you have an opportunity to sit face to face and talk about them.
Most marriages can't experience good Christian Sex because they're dull and boring beyond belief because the relationship is hanging on this invisible thin string of "belief" that things will someday get better.
But the whole goal is to be in a fun, loving situation where you are happy and enjoying a satisfactory marriage with the love of your life.
If you can just achieve this, your sex life as a Christian will be much better.
You won't have to stress about being unsatisfied with your Christian Sex life.
Do you know how you first met your lover, and you gazed in each others eyes? How you were so excited waiting to hear the phone ring and how it sent chills down your spine when you were together? Or what about the first time you went out to dinner and saw the sparkle in the eye? You might not always have that passionate spark when you see your spouse, but take the time to keep the passion alive.
Because it will have an affect on your sexuality, intimacy and romance.
Your friends who are married might not enjoy Christian Sex and wouldn't know how to improve the sex in their marriage if they tried.
Why? Because their relationship is out of kilter from the start.
You see.
It's hard to have a great sex life when the other person is not into it as much as you are.
Well how do you know if the other person is into it the way you are? You just know - you feel it.
Are you gazing in each other's eyes? If you are walking around your house passing each other without talking, chances are - your relationship could use a tune up before you take the time to improve your Christian Sex Life One idea is a romantic bubble bath.
Not just any bubble bath, fill the bath with rose petals beyond belief and make sure you have some soft tunes playing in the bubble bath.
Exchange the vows all over again, stare in each others eyes and bathe each other.
Remember what it felt like when you did this the first time.
A romantic bubble bath is not romantic just because it's a bath - but because you have eliminated all other distractions and the onlything you can concentrate on, is the person sitting across from you.
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