What to Do When Network Marketing-MLM Mentors Don"t Perform

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Change the Pattern If you are dealing with this problem in your business, chances are that you have experienced it in other business opportunities and will continue to do so until you take responsibility for your own success.
I know, it's unfair that your mentor hasn't been there for you and you would never do that to your own team but it happens all the time.
Decide to let go of your disappointment and resentment and take your business into your own hands.
If you do choose to move on to another company this new mindset will set you in good stead before you start.
What You Need to Know if You Decide to Move On Research leaders in the company you're interested in but you still need to know that not all successful company leaders are successful because they're good mentors.
Some are just really good salespeople and some are just so bull-headed and stubborn that they've bulldozed and forced their way to the top through sheer determination.
These are not duplicatable traits.
You need to know that your chosen mentor may still not perform the way you want them to so you'll need to know how to find help if they don't.
Find the Help You Need If you've taken responsibility and decided to seek help outside your company there is help available, but you need to know what you're looking for and you'll need someone to guide you through the process who knows what they're doing so that you don't get scammed.
We do use and recommend a particular company.
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Whether you decide to leave your current company or you decide to stay, if you apply all you've learnt in this article you will finally get the help you need, you'll choose your next mentor wisely, and you will break free of the pattern that may have held you back from success for a long time.
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