Tips On Preparing Yourself Before Training Your Dog

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Puppy training is the first step towards disciplining your dog.
You have to understand that the dog is after all an animal and will take a little longer to understand what you are trying to make the dog do.
However once your dog has understood what you are saying and what actions of yours he is to follow, you can both do wonders! Firstly, you should buy a puppy according to what your home may require.
There is absolutely no point in buying a pug and expecting him to be a guard dog.
There is a difference between a watch dog and a guard dog.
A pug is for instance a good watch dog, all dogs are.
But he will be a hopeless guard dog.
No matter how well or how much you train him, he will never be able to guard or scare away intruders.
So before you buy a dog you must decide on the purpose the dog will be serving at your residence.
Once you have decided on a breed you should read all about it.
You must know what to expect from the breed and what not to expect.
For e.
a Dalmatian is called the fireman's dog and is used by them because the breed has been known to exhibit great bravado and spot thinking in crisis situation.
You cannot expect a miniature Pomeranian to run into a burning building and rescue people.
In fact you should expect quite the opposite from the Pomeranians! Once you have read up all about your dog and decided on a training program, you must decide on what you intend to use as bait or treats to lure your dog into performing his tasks.
Always use food items that the dog is fond of.
If your dog is not fond of dry bread or bread sticks there is no point in using them as bait.
On the other hand if you plan on training at consecutive intervals during a short time span then you cannot use something that the dog will take forever to consume.
For example, you cannot use a meaty bone (even though your dog loves it the most) while training your dog to "stay "! It will jut act in the opposite manner.
The dog will sit down with his bone and chew on it comfortably and not respond to any other of your tasks.
Always use small food items that are bite size.
You can use regular kibble as bait as well.
The best bait to use is liver.
You can buy any liver from the market place, boil it well and then sundry it.
Cut this into small bits and use them as bait.
Just the smell of liver bits will make your dog listen to every command you give.
It is also important for you to be mentally prepared to be patient and spend lots of time on the same command for your puppy to get a thorough understanding of what you mean.
Do not lose your temper and beat the dog, it will not work to your advantage and could ruin your relationship with the animal.
Before you begin training your puppy you must train yourself o be more understanding towards and kinder to it.
This may seem like a cumbersome job initially but these are going to be the best bonding moments for the both of you!
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