The Best Over The Counter Wart Removal Products Guide

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Everyone has experienced them at one time or another in their life time.
Warts are unsightly and are quite annoying.
They are difficult to get rid of and some treatment options are very expensive.
Now we have all heard of the outrageous claims of natural products that eliminate warts for good.
But for the most parts these are just claims and natural remedies are not always effective.
There are several good cheap over the counter products that you can choose that are very effective.
Outlined below are the most common products that you will find at your local pharmacy for wart removal.
Salicylic acid tends to be the pharmacists number one choice for over the counter wart removal products.
It is relatively cheap and effective.
The side effects associated with salicylic acid are very minimal making it the product of choice.
You will also notice various freeze off products.
These products are similar to the ones you would find a dermatologist using.
They freeze the wart and kill the HPV virus.
The only downfall to these products is that they are very expensive.
Many of the over the counter product claim to be natural or herbal.
Be sure to check the label for active ingredients to make sure that the products are well known.
Many products are over priced and make several false claims.
Sometimes it is beneficial to choose products with minimal filler ingredients.
You will also find many gel like products.
These products usually contain an acid in some way shape or form.
The acid is designed to penetrate the hard layer of skin over top of the wart.
These products are usually cheap and are some of the better over the counter wart removal products.
It is recommended to couple some of the treatments for best results.
Salicylic acid coupled with duct tape or bandages is one of the best treatments available.
It is also cost effective and recommended by physicians.
Simply purchase a bottle or wart removal salicylic acid.
The store brand will be sufficient.
Liberally apply the gel and cover it completely with duct tape.
Every night before bed remove the tape and reapply the gel.
Within a week the wart should be gone.
This is the most effective over the counter wart removal product around.
Remember to consult a doctor before trying any new technique.
Warts are pesky and take time to remove so don't get frustrated if you don't see results within the first few days.
There are numerous over the counter wart removal products that can help you out.
Speak to your local pharmacist for more information on OTC medications.
Always wash your hands immediately after you come in contract with the wart to avoid self contamination and contaminating others.
If you begin to notice that natural remedies and over the counter products are not working contact a doctor immediately.
The faster you treat the wart the easier it is to remove it.
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