Choosing Home Hardwoods

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Hardwood is easily one of the most popular materials homeowners select when planning a home remodel because of the beautiful looks hardwood offers any style home, but hardwood doesn't work well in all aspects of the home.
Talk with a professional if you're unsure about whether hardwood is right for your plans, and get all the information you need to make an educated choice.
Though hardwood flooring is a major selling point in just about any home, it's wise to know if the particular species of hardwood is right for the room or for your expected use.
Though beautiful and durable, most hardwood species don't hold up very well to high traffic or heavy furniture, and without regular maintenance and preventative measures (such as a rug or pads for furniture feet) your floor can look worn or damaged within a matter of years.
Do some research on the particular variety of wood that you're most interested in and plan for a couple of back up species in case you discover your favorite type of hardwood isn't a good match.
Most people choose hardwoods for their looks, especially because every hardwood provides a unique look from tree to tree, but another reason is because many species are eco-friendly.
Environmentally friendly hardwoods are used in everything from flooring to furniture and give your home a lower carbon footprint in addition to great style.
Buy your hardwoods from a sustainably managed forest or from tree species that aren't traditionally used in flooring that would use up individuals that wouldn't otherwise be utilized.
You'll feel great about your remodel for personal as well as economic and environmental reasons, and you can openly brag about how your great looking floors or cabinets aren't harming the environment.
Hardwood is also used in other parts of the home, not just flooring.
Kitchen cabinets, decorative tables, unique art framing and doors can all be made with hardwood, creating an elegant and well designed home.
Using hardwood in other aspects of your home can also be a great way to tie in your flooring with the rest of your home, or the hardwood flooring in one room with the design elements of an adjacent room.
Talk with professional home designers for more information about adding hardwood design features to your home, even if you don't have hardwood flooring.
It's time to step into the 21st century and get that modern, elegant look you've been dreaming of.
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