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How to Compress a Blu-ray to a DVD

Compressing a Blu-ray file to a writable DVD disk takes many steps. The copy and paste method will not work on the larger Blu-ray media files. Moreover, Blu-ray has encryption codes that can only be read through a "decrypter".program. The most convenient way to compress media files onto a blank DVD

How to Hook Up an MP3 Player to an iPod Docking Station

Although many Docking Stations are made specifically for use with the Apple iPod, these same Docking Stations also support hooking up non-iPod MP3 players through the auxiliary, or aux, port. By hooking up an MP3 player to the Docking Station, you can play music through the Station's speakers and us

How to Set Up an iPad

The Apple iPad is a mobile device with a large screen, fast processor, long battery life and slim design. You can use it to connect to the Internet, watch videos, read digital books, listen to music and play games. To set up your iPad, you use Apple's iTunes software.

How to Read Books on a Phone

Carting books around can be a heavy prospect, and popular e-readers can cost hundreds of dollars. Take heart, book lovers. You can save money and lighten your load by converting your mobile phone into a mobile book reader with the right software. Many e-reader applications have already been develope

Second Generation iPod Information

Before the iPod Touch, Classic, Nano, Shuffle or Mini, Apple's portable music digital music player was simply known as the iPod. Because many iPod models introduced a major new feature, the early generation models became known for their new feature. The second-generation iPod is sometimes called the

The Best iPad Alternatives

If you want a tablet but would rather not go with the iPad, there are several really great alternatives that can provide a similar experience, including tablets that can run all of your Windows software.

Maximize the Storage Space on Your iPad

There are a number of ways to save storage space on your iPad, including giving your iPad a good cleaning and utilizing the cloud for storage.

How to Install an iPod HD Receiver

If you want to listen to your iPod music over a full sound system -- without purchasing a large surround-sound receiver -- you may want to use an iPod HD receiver. This is a device made specifically for an iPod. It features an iPod dock that allows you to play audio from the MP3 player via the HD re

How to Disable AutoFill on an iTouch

Just like the regular Safari Web browser, the Safari application for the iPod Touch allows users to surf the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection. The Safari for iPod Touch application also has a lot of the same features and functions as the regular Web browser, including bookmarks, history logs and

HP w2408 24” Widescreen LCD Display

The HP w2408 is a 24” widescreen display that produces eye-popping color and sharp text that's readable even at small font sizes. The HP w2408 has few video inputs, but its only real flaw is limited viewing angles, particularly in portrait mode, which won't actually matter much to most use

How to View MOV Files on Your iPhone

Every iPhone comes with the iPod application installed; it is loaded on the device at the factory and allows you to watch videos stored on the iPhone. Many videos are stored in the MOV file format. The iPhone does not natively support this format, but iTunes -- the iPhone's media management applicat

How to Calibrate an iTouch

Unlike the iPhone and iPad, Apple's mp3 player and PDA, the iPod Touch, does not require and is not capable of user calibration. However, according to the Apple website, iTouch users who install the Nike+ application, which is used to track workouts, can calibrate their devices to keep track of the

How to Add Music to Your iPod Without Downloading Programs

The iPod is a portable media device that features a convenient and easy-to-use system through iTunes for transferring your music files from your computer. However, you must download iTunes if you are using a Microsoft PC. If you do not wish to download the program or you do not have an Internet conn

How to Change the Text Color on an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch's default color scheme is a white background with black text. This basic, crisp aesthetic is easy for many people to read, but some users may prefer a bolder, high-contrast color scheme. The iPod Touch's text colors are relatively limited, and you cannot select a brightly colored text

How to Share Your Mac's Screen on Your Network

Macs come with built-in screen sharing capabilities, which you can enable from the Sharing preference pane. In addition to sharing the screen with Macs, Windows systems using a VNC client can also share.

How to Manually Add Songs to an iPod Using Windows XP

You have the option of automatically syncing songs and other files onto an iPod. If you find this challenging or annoying, you can change the sync setting on your iPod in order to manually add songs to an iPod. Using the "Manual Manage" sync option is also necessary if you plan on using your iPod on

Guide to Installing Messages Beta in OS X Lion

This is a step-by-step guide to installing Messages Beta for OS X Lion. Besides the installation guide, you will also find a few tips on getting ready to use the new Messages service.

How to Connect an Imprint Sound Manager to an Alpine Head Unit

Alpine, a well-known name in car audio, offers an automatic equalizer system. Based on the Audyssey system of equalizers, the Imprint systems use a microphone to analyze the vehicle's interior. Once recorded, the information is used to calibrate the vehicle for the best possible sound. Connecting th

How to Open a Broken iPod

With hard drives getting smaller and smaller and the use of solid-state drives becoming more common (and less expensive), the ability to switch the hard drive in your iPod for a new one has become a viable option instead of buying a new device. Opening an iPod is very easy, but you must take your ti