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How to Line a Sheath Dress

The basic, simple lines of a sheath dress never go out of style. This classic style can be casual or dressy, depending on the fabric used. A nice sheath dress is lined. If yours isn't lined, it can be lined with lining fabric and some work. First you'll need a pattern for your dress. Then you'll nee

How to Twist a Mobius Scarf

Mobius bands, or mobius strips, are distinguished by the fact that they only have one side. To create a mobius band, a half-twist is performed on a strip before closing the ends into a loop. The resulting shape differs from a typical loop in that it only has one side and one edge. Mobius scarves can

How to Make Polymer Clay Drawer Pulls

One way to brighten and update your bedroom or kitchen is to change out old drawer pulls on dressers or cabinets. Swapping outdated drawer pulls for newer, more modern ones is a quick and affordable update that almost anyone can accomplish. For a less expensive and truly customized drawer pulls, you

How to Apply Iron-Ons

Peeling, bubbling and cracking are typical problems with iron-on transfers that aren't properly applied. These problems take the fun out of personalizing clothes and fabric with iron-ons, and sometimes make the final product unusable. They can be avoided, however, by taking the time to apply the iro

Dolls to Cut & Make

A cut-out doll is a simple and inexpensive way to engage in an enjoyable activity and have a doll to show for your effort. Although a cut-out doll may not have the cuddliness of a real doll, cut-out dolls can provide all the security you need. Whether you plan to cut out a simple paper doll pattern

Sheep Shearing Games

Sheep shearing in the real world involves farmers shaving sheep for wool, but in the video game world the process turns into fast-paced crazy antics. Whether playing on the computer, with LEGOs or on a cellphone, shear dozens of sheep through interactive games. Become the fastest sheep shearer and c

How to Make Fabric Baby Toys

Fabric toys are a practical choice for babies because they're soft, so the child won't injure herself, and washable, to handle all that drool and spit-up. Make a personalized present for that baby in your life. Fabric baby blocks can be customized with the baby's initials, letters of the alphabet, n

Ideas for a Cathedral Window Quilt Block

A cathedral window quilt is inspired by the beautiful stained glass windows of a church or cathedral. It often takes the shape of a diamond pattern inside a circular "window." The central portion is usually made of light, airy, colorful fabrics to mimic the translucence of a stained glass

How to Design Your Own Dragon Angel Ring

Creating custom jewelry designs is an enjoyable way to express yourself. With a dragon/angel ring, you can show your appreciation for this classic imagery. Dragons are powerful figures in mythology and fantasy. Angels are beloved symbols of the spiritual realm. Together, they can serve as reminders

Basic Woodworking for Beginners - Woodworking Chair

Nothing looks quite as classic on a deck or patio as an Adirondack chair. The beautiful wood, the curves, and solid construction just look perfect outdoors. While building your own chair using Adirondack chair plans ...

How to Make a Golf Pin for Your Backyard

Transform your backyard into a golfer's paradise by building and installing a homemade golf pin. Dedicated players of the game can have hours of fun working out the trials and travails that await on their own backyard green, which centers around their handmade pin. The quality of your garden facilit

Video: How to Draw Wedding Dresses Step by Step for Learners

Video Transcript Hey what's up. I'm Chris. And today we're going to be learning how to draw wedding dresses step-by-step. Let's begin. Now, the first thing you want to do is you want to start with the shoulder part of the dress. So, we're going to put a line here and we're going to...

Homemade Bracelet Designs

Jewelry crafting may be one of the world's oldest art forms. Making bracelets allows you to pick beads, stones or charms to express your own creativity. Bracelets make meaningful gifts and accessorize a variety of outfits. With a compartment box kit consisting of beads, charms, chains, clasps, findi

How to Make a Quilt Frame with Ratchets

A quilting frame holds the quilt tight while you stitch the layers of it together. Sometimes, the quilt layers will slip and pull out of place, making it necessary to stop and adjust the quilt. This can become tedious and slow you down. A quilt frame with ratchets can keep a constant amount of tensi

Ideas for Soap Loaf Molds

Get creative with soapmaking by using unique objects as molds.towels and soap image by citylights from Fotolia.comMaking soap doesn't have to be boring. Get creative with the molds you're using and turn out soaps in funky and fun shapes. The classic loaf soap mold isn't the only option...

How to Make a Handprint Turkey

Your children can make these paper turkeys by tracing around their own hands. The thumb becomes the turkey's head, the other fingers become the feathers and the palm becomes the body. Let them make several to use as placemats for the children's table at Thanksgiving.

Crafts for Small Kids at Lock-Ins

Crafts are a great way for children to stretch their imaginations. They develop creativity by challenging kids to see objects in new ways. Crafts allow youngsters to experience a variety of materials and learn to use art as a form of self-expression. In addition, crafts can enhance hand-eye coordina

How to Make Paper Submarines

Kids will enjoy pretending to explore the ocean floor as they play with the toy submarine. You can also use it as a centerpiece or cake topper for an undersea-themed birthday party or as a decoration in a child's bedroom. More ambitious crafters may even want to create a fish-tank diorama with blue

How to Make a Top From a Skirt

Turn a simple stretchy waist skirt into a strapless top for a great summer fashion essential. Add a new piece of elastic to the waistband to keep your new shirt in place and embellish the shirt with a delicate row of tiny silk flowers around the elastic top. You can use any style skirt for the proje

How to Make Clothing for Cheap

Making your own clothing is a good way to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends, all while saving money. Sewing your own clothes also allows you to customize your pieces and create truly unique garments that fit your body to perfection. There are several ways to get even more out of your sewi