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How to Take Off the Tire on a Triumph ST Motorcycle

Riding motorcycles is a fun and exciting pastime for many enthusiasts. Whether its at the track, in the backyard or through the woods, riding Triumph motorcycles is a hobby that can provide hours of entertainment for you, family and friends. While most bikes are pretty maintanence free (other than p

Weaving Loom Instructions

Weaving on a loom looks complicated to most beginners. Weaving, however, is the simple process of entwining two sets of yarn to create patterns and designs. The novice needs only a few everyday items to begin learning this age-old craft.

How to Clean Raw Gemstones and Smoky Quartz

Whether you hunt rocks in the high desert of California, look for smoky quartz at Pikes Peak, Colorado, find rare gemstones in Arkansas or look for rocks on the trails of the Appalachian Mountains, your specimens need cleaning to find the real stone. The stones have an outer coating of clay and und

How to Make a Seed Garland Wreath

Garland made from birdseed ornaments is both decorative and beneficial to your feathered friends. Make your own seed ornaments for the garland in shapes relating to a particular holiday or season. Leaf shaped ornaments suit a fall seed wreath, hearts work for Valentine's day. Create a wreath from th

How to Make a Clothes Pin Bag

If you don't like the sight of unused clothes pins dangling from the line, gather them up and put them in a bag. You can purchase plain clothes pin bags, but why not make your own from a child's button-up-the-front, outgrown shirt?

Glass Bead Crafts

Glass beads are beautiful, colorful and very versatile choices for all kinds of craft projects. You can make any type of jewelry with glass beads, from a simple strand necklace to an intricately beaded art piece. Consider combining strands of glass beads to hang as curtains for your window or as a w

Great Used Image Frames Ideas

If you drop a framed picture, you throw away the crushed glass and the frame. But what if the frame is particularly nice? Or what if the frame is nearly undamaged? Suddenly you get some ...

How to Make an African-American Rag Doll

It can be a challenge to find an African-American doll suitable for a young child. Thankfully, rag dolls are easy to make and because they're made entirely of fabric, they're also safe for even the youngest baby to play with. You also get complete freedom as to whether your doll will be more traditi

How to Knit a Worm

Use the basic knitting skills you already have to knit up a worm, or an entire garden's worth of worms. Working in the round produces a tight, seamless spiral that is perfect for forming a worm, you won't have a single seam to sew. This project uses a knitting technique known as icord, which can be

How to Make Paper Drums

For a Christmas play or a child's costume for any occasion, dress your child as a Little Drummer Boy and make a simple drum out of paper. The paper drum is light enough to be worn around the child's head on a string, and the paper will make it a quiet drum that adults can appreciate.

How to Make Gingerbread Boys on Paper

A unit on gingerbread boys can be wonderful during winter months. Accompanying the book, "The Little Gingerbread Boy", primary students can create a craft version of their own gingerbread boy. Gingerbread boys are also a cute way to do a winter classroom craft that does not have a connotation tied

How to Heat Sapphire

Sapphires in their natural state are totally clear or have a pale, faint color. Treating sapphires with heat dates back to ancient Egypt, when Egyptians heated the stones to bring out the subtle colors. Most sapphires sold on the market today have received some form of heat treatment, which is a mor

Pioneer Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Crafts and games help children understand the pioneer homestead image by mavrick from Fotolia.comPioneer Day, officially celebrated July 24 in Utah, commemorates Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers' arrival into Salt Lake City after their journey from Illinois and...

How to Create Molds With Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a very versatile substance. It is used extensively in construction and home repair. You probably have plaster covering the ceiling of a room in your house. Plaster also has a variety of uses in craft making and art. Michelangelo's paintings in the Sistine Chapel are frescoes, pai

Making Beaded Rings

Gathering MaterialsWhen choosing beads for a beaded ring, the person making the ring must consider both the design of the ring and the size of the beads. Sometimes the ring maker may even sketch out the design of the ring beforehand. Beads should generally be small or flat so that they...

How to Make Smocked Drapes

Smocking was introduced in the 13th or 14th century. According to the Highveld Smocker's Guild, the type of stitching used to create smocking indicated its geographical origin. Added designs indicated what the wearer did for a living. Over the centuries, this type of sewing drifted out of men's appa

How to Make a Waist Apron With Pockets

Aprons are an essential item for any baker or cook, at least those who don't want to ruin their clothes in the kitchen. While full bib aprons protect more areas of clothing from splatter, waist aprons are easier to put on, easier to store and less cumbersome. All kinds of aprons can be found in stor

How to Sew Fitted Bed Sheets

Fitted bed sheets are fairly easy to make, requiring just a bit of measuring and cutting, along with sewing straight seams. You'll be able to coordinate your sheets with comforters, bed ruffles and draperies for a custom-made look, and create sheets that fit any size mattress.