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How Do I Design Flower Wreaths?

Flower wreaths are used in a number of ways. They can be hung up on a door or wall for decoration or can be transformed into a centerpiece when laid on a table and filled with a candle. While there are various flower wreaths available for purchase in stores and online, designing the wreath yourself

How to Make Custom Plaques

You can use a wooden plaque for a variety of things. For instance, present a plaque as an award for a job well done, or display a significant word or motivational phrase. You can buy many plaques in stores, however they can be costly. If you have or specific word, name or phrase you would like on th

How To Glue Mosaic Tiles to Concrete Paver

Making a mosaic on a concrete paver is a fun way to dress up stepping stones. Another alternative is making a mosaic on select pavers in your patio. You can draw your design freehand or trace a design on the concrete paver, so your imagination is the limit.

Supplies for Making Maple Syrup

Beside the obvious maple trees, you'll need a few supplies to tap into nature's bounty and reap some fresh maple syrup for pancakes, baking and other sweetening needs. Do not tap into maple trees unless they are at least 10 inches in diameter and 4-1/2 feet tall. Trees between 10 and 20 inches in d

Nature Inspires Me For Landscape Drawing

Many people ask me, what do I do when I am not closed to nature and still sketching a new drawing?I wrote this post about my work on landscape drawing and my inspiration for it.

How to Reconnect the Ribbon Cable in the PS2

The Sony PlayStation 2 ribbon cable allows the external "Eject" and "Reset" buttons to function. If it is disconnected, these buttons will not work. When you need to reconnect the cable, you can do so with little effort. The ribbon just slides into a few slots, and no other parts are needed to get t

How to Construct a Bridal Arch Out of Pipe

Wedding arches, or as they are sometimes called, bridal arches symbolize passage: the leaving of an old life and entering into a new covenant between man and wife. Arches are therefore the perfect way to add rich symbolism to a ceremony while creating a framework for personalized decorations. The br

Diy Boat Kits? - Your Own Project!

This is important -if you'd wish to build a diy boat, this will no doubt be the most enlightening introduction you will ever come across. Benefitting from this helpful information, you&#0

T-Shirt Printing Tools

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is the simple and versatile printing technique that is perfect for printing brilliant colors on T-shirts. T-shirt printing tools can be purchased from an art supply store, a screen print supplier, or online. Blank T-shirts for your screen printing proje

How to Make a Baby Tutu With Elastic

Tutus are fun outfits for babies. They are colorful and fluffy, and perfect for pictures or special occasions. Tutus can be purchased in different stores, but since they are fairly inexpensive and easy to make, you might want to make your own tutu for your baby. Tutus are also cute and creative gift

Cheap Roller Blinds - Cheapest Blinds

When you go to purchase vinyl blinds measure your windows first for a more accurate fit. They come in all sizes to fit your windows perfectly. Vinyl blinds are easy to install and takes only ...

How to Make Your Own Bouquet of Spider Mums

Spider mums are a flower from the chrysanthemum family and can be found in many different colors. White spider mums are often used in wedding bouquets. The mums, or pompoms as they are sometimes called due to the shape of the petals, symbolize strength and optimism. Create a beautiful bouquet highli

How to Make a Beanie From Yarn

A beanie, because it fits snugly to the head, is one of the easiest and most adaptable hat styles to make. Crochet is the easiest yarn craft for working in tight rounds. Crochet is also the easiest way to work with fuzzy wool yarn, which makes a beanie you can work up quickly into a favorite warm ac

Video: Filling an Easter Basket for Kids

Video Transcript So let us start filling our Easter basket here. We have our basket nice and empty. We are going to start the process of getting all the items we have discussed in here. First, let us put our grass in our basket. You can either kind of do these individually in strands...

How to Make a Pirate Ship From Construction Paper

Take an adventure on the high seas with your own pirate ship made of construction paper. The lightweight ship may not be seaworthy, but it will ride the waves in your imagination. Create a pair of boats to have make-believe duels with yourself or with friends. This paper craft also serves as a table

Do You Want Some Serious Artists Sites To Visit

One of the most intriguing performances to watch are well known artist whether they sing, act, or paint. Performance artists give emphasis on the four fundamental aspects of the show. They are the space, time, their (performers) body, and their spectators.

The Beauty Of Acrylic Artworks

Acrylic paintings have been gaining much popularity as an effective way of amplifying the beauty of homes and offices. Used as decorative embellishments in the interiors of both residential and commercial precincts, it has a unique appeal to draw the attention of all.

How to Make Snakes Filled With Beads

Cold air has a way of finding its way into your home through cracks and crevices. Draft snakes were a popular home accessory during the Depression. They helped block drafty doors and windows and keep out the cold, saving energy and money. There are many commercial draft snakes on the market; however

How to Make Plastic Resin Molds

Making a mold for plastic resin is a technique often used in jewelry making. You can also use the technique to make resin pendants or other small items. The technique involves making a silicon mold and then pouring the resin into the mold, allowing it to harden. You can use favorite items such as a