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A 6-speed automatic

The 2007 Ford Edge is more likely to appeal to seasoned SUV buyers looking to downsize than car/crossover owners who need something bigger. The 2007 Ford Edge carries a $25,995 base price, $34,290 and $36,355 as tested, EPA MPG 18/25 (front wheel drive) and 17/24 (all-wheel-drive) city/highway.Teste

Hummer H2 HID Kit

Hummer is a vehicle made and sold by General Motors. It was initially designed for military purposes but later modified to suit the roads as well. Hummer is one of the finest classes of vehicles and i

2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition Tire

Much improved over the bad old days, the 2006 Ford Explorer is a leading candidate for today's SUV "least-likely-to-rollover-and-kill-you" award. Electronic Stability Control is standard as are all manner of air bags and structural crash protection. MSRP: US $27K - $33K; Warranty: 3 y

Flex Parking

When Ford invited me out to Boulder, Colorado to test drive the 2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost, I was intrigued. Would direct injection change my mind about Flex? Tested, analyzed and photographed by Jason Fogelson,'s Guide to crossovers and Sport Utility Vehicles.