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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

Winter motorcycle preparation is important to help keep your motorbike running in tip top condition through the winter months. Don't get caught short, here is a list of thing to check and do before winter hits. Coolant- Fill the system with anti-freeze to protect your bike.

How to Build a Car Project

Building a car is a labor of love. It's expensive, at times annoying, and quite possibly the most arduous undertaking you will ever experience. Many people compare the experience of rebuilding a classic car to that of raising children. If you take the time to do it correctly, the project will be wel

Strictly Hodaka

Hodaka motorcycles produced a popular off-road range of bikes, many of which are still around today thanks to a loyal group of enthusiasts.

How to Build a Toyota Camry Race Car

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars sold in the United States. North Auto Sport Association (NASA)conducts a racing series that allow the Toyota Camry in 4- and 6-cylinder versions. The Camry is a an ideal candidate to race based on the reliability and cost of older models. A model prod

Information on the 1991 Jaguar XJ 4.0 Sovereign

The 1991 Jaguar XJ Sovereign was a sleek sedan that was equipped with a bigger engine than previous models to better compete with similar models being produced by other auto makers. It was also the first XJ to be equipped with a standard driver-side airbag.

'93 Ford F150 Towing Specifications

Ford introduced its F-series of pickup trucks in 1948.red truck front view on metal background image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.comPickup trucks are often used by construction workers because of their ability to transport large loads of construction materials. The Ford Motor...

Corvette C5 Horsepower Specs

Chevrolet produced the fifth generation Corvette from 1997 to 2004.corvettes image by michael langley from Fotolia.comChevrolet Motors produced the fifth generation (or "C5") Corvette from 1997 to 2004. During the production of this model line, Chevy released the two-door Corvette as a...

1999 Dodge 1500 4X4 Short Bed Specifications

The 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 was a part of the second generation of Dodge Ram pickups. In 1994, the trucks hit the market with improved safety features such as driver-side air bags and four-wheel anti-lock brakes. The 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4-by-4 short bed had size and power that at the time...

1968 Corvette Options

There were numerous options available for 1960s-era Corvettes.shiny red old corvette taillight image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comThe 1968 Corvette is a classic make and model of the American Sports Car. The 1968 'Vette marked the beginning of the third generation, or "C3," Chevrolet...

Practical Uses For Single Speed Bikes

There has been a growing movement toward single speed bikes for a number of reasons. At a glance, they may not seem like a great choice. Given the simplicity of the bikes, with no opportunities to swi

GMC Sonoma Specifications

The GMC Sonoma was a compact pickup truck produced from 1982 to 2004. It was originally called the S-15 when it was released, then renamed Sonoma in 1991. The second generation Sonoma was produced from 1994 to 2004, and during that decade the truck underwent several changes. From 1994 to...

Troubleshooting the Four Corner Leveling System on Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator (which is just a Ford Expedition with a different grill) is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) sold by Ford that uses an innovative four corner leveling system to ensure the SUV has a comfortable ride over the bumpiest of roads. It accomplishes this feat through the use of a

Specifications of Chevy 1953 235 In-Line Six Engines

In 1953 Chevrolet was making postwar strides and for the year released three new models with a new design. Customers had 17 body styles to choose from within the three models, which were the Belair, 150 Special and 210 Deluxe. The Corvette made its debut that year. All the Chevrolets ran on the 235

How to Troubleshoot a 1995 Dodge Dakota Windshield Wiper Problem

Windshield wiper problems on your 1995 Dodge Dakota can result in a serious car accident during inclement weather. This is why they should be checked and replaced every 6 months, if needed. Wiper failure can also result in scratches on the surface of of your Dakota's windshield, which may then need

High Craze For Bajaj bikes in India

Due to the introduction of information technology, the market of Bajaj bikes is revolutionised with a wide range of products.It acted as a positive force, helping it to maintain a strong presence in t