How to Repair an Air Ratchet

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How to Service a Mercruiser Lower Unit

Performing regular maintenance on your Mercruiser stern drive protects vital components and ensures operation at peak efficiency. Replace the outdrive lubricant after each boating season. Carefully examine the old lubricant for a milky color. This would indicate that water has entered the system.

How to Put the Bearings in a Shadow Raptor Front Hub

Bearings in the front hub of your Shadow Raptor bike are some of the most durable bearings and will last for a number of years. However, there may come a time when you will need to replace the bearings. This should be attempted only if you have intimate knowledge of how your wheel hub is assembled.

My Dome Light Won't Shut Off

Dome lights inside of a vehicle operate through multiple switches. The standard control is located on an adjustable knob on the dashboard, typically to the left of the steering wheel, or on the headlight switch. Additional switches are mounted to each door and, on some vehicles, the trunk. Some mode

How to Check Transmission Fluid in a Car

Transmission fluid in a car is something most people learn about only when it runs low. When the fluid is low, the car starts right up, and the engine runs fine, but after shifting into gear, the car won't move. Transmissions use a special red oil that must retain a specified level. There are variou

How to Identify GM Alternators

Alternators provide electricity to a vehicle while the engine is running, charging the battery in the process, and when the engine is turned off, the alternator alternates the power supply to the battery. General Motors exclusively uses alternators manufactured by Delco-Remy, and since Delco-Remy al

How to Check the Transmission Fluid in a Saturn CVT

Saturn used the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in the Ion Quad Coupe and in the Vue during the mid-2000s. These transmissions are specifically designed to improve gas mileage by keeping the speed of the engine relatively low. However, the CVT transmission is notoriously expensive to repair

Electric Window Motor Repair

Power windows have been standard equipment on vehicles for a very long time. Manual cranks have been with us much longer, and consist of a less complicated design than the power variety. Stuck or non-functioning power windows can be frustrating and inconvenient. A window stuck in the down position c

How to Polish Faded Exterior Black Trim

Black bumpers and exterior trim accent the areas next to the body color. Sunlight and saltwater conditions near oceans along with road salt oxidize automotive exterior black trim. Oxidation makes the black color appear to have white mixed with it and can peel plastic trim off a car. Polishing faded

Torque Converters FAQ

Automotive automatic transmissions use a torque converter to transmit torque between the crankshaft and the transmission input shaft. The torque converter links the crankshaft and transmission to provide fluid coupling and torque multiplication.

How to Adjust the Accelerator Cable on a Chevrolet Silverado

If the accelerator pedal on your Chevrolet Silverado is beginning to feel "sticky," or throttle response is a little sluggish, the likely cause is a slackened or stretched accelerator cable. To fix this problem, cable adjustment is necessary. This is a maintenance task you can perform yourself, in a

2 Stage Refinishing

Over the last 20 years, we have seen variations of basic colors that have stretched the imagination. The color blue show hints of green, red or purple and many other colors. How is this possible? ...

How to Change the Brakes on an Infiniti G20

The Infiniti is a fairly new brand of car, officially arriving on the market in the U.S. in 1989. Infiniti is the luxury branch of the popular Japanese parent company Nissan. Because Infiniti's name is not used in Japan, they are typically sold under the Nissan brand. Though these cars are considere

How to Find a Trustworthy Auto Mechanic

In this day and age, sometimes it's hard to tell who you can and can't trust.There are a lot of people out there that are just looking to make a buck at any cost.The car maintenance and repair industry has been booming recently as more people invest in their current vehicles rather than pu

How to Remove Car Door Locks

The door lock or lock cylinder on a car or truck is a small metal cylinder you insert the vehicle's key into when you want to lock or unlock your door. Lock cylinders usually need to be replaced after a vehicle has been broken into. Often, a flat screwdriver will be inserted into the lock cylinder t

How to Remove a Rear Rotor on a Ford F-150

Removing the rear rotor from a Ford F-150 is not any different than removing the rear rotor from any other truck. The rear rotor is housed behind the rear wheel, and the brake caliper sits on top of the rotor. The rotor is what the brake pads squeeze to stop the Ford F-150 while the F-150 is in moti

How to Check for Tread Wear on a Tire on a Nissan Sentra

Even though the Nissan Sentra graduated from a compact to a semi-compact car, the legend of the Sentra's quick engine lives on. Before you jaunt down the road in your Nissan Sentra, make sure you have enough tread on the tires to keep up. Learn to check the tread on your Nissan Sentra in 3 minutes o

How to Replace 6.5L Injectors

The 6.5-liter engine introduced by General Motors in 1992 was a diesel engine that was frequently turbocharged. It was an option for many full-size Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks from 1992 to 1999. The fuel injectors in the 6.5-liter deliver diesel fuel to the engine at precise intervals to maximiz

How to Install a Ford 302 Alternator

When replacing an alternator on a Ford 302, check the label on the alternator that states the amperage rating. The alternators differ in their amperage output ratings depending on how the vehicle is equipped. There are no outward appearance changes, but an alternator that is too small for the vehicl

How to Replace the Speakers in a '95 Grand Cherokee

The '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee has six stock speakers installed: two 5 1/4-inch speakers in each front door, two 5 1/4-inch in both rear doors and two 5 1/4-inch speakers in the tailgate. Each speaker is replaced the same way and the screws that secure the door panels and the tailgate are all the same