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How Much Can You Make As a Voiceover Artist?

Voiceover artists are responsible for all manner of entertainment, from narration of movie trailers and commercials to voices for cartoon characters and video games. While not every voice actor finds the fame and fortune of industry legends like Don LaFontaine, you can still make a career out of tal

Job Description of a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are nurses with advanced degrees. They take on a variety of duties in care settings focused around the nursing model and are generally able to write prescriptions.

How to revamp your resume?

Resume writing is an interesting task and renovating or revamping it is simply an interesting task to do. It helps you to be updated about your industry.

Fun Games to Play at Lunch Time in an Office

Using your lunch hour to play games with coworkers is an excellent way to promote socializing among coworkers and provide an opportunity for physical activity. Many people spend their workday sitting in front of a computer, which can have some unhealthy consequences such as weight gain and blood clo

Anxiety and Helplessness.

In humans the task of forming an identity is not solely determined by our natural instincts. As we acquire consciousness of our separate selves we make judgements and take actions in response to our interpretation ...

How to Improve the Communication & Performance of My Team

According to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, "Enhanced team communication improves results, reduces turnover and helps accomplish goals." If you are the manager of a company, you can be proactive in improving communication, which in turn will improve performance. However, even if you are not

Transit Surveying Instruments

Some compasses are surveying instruments.compass image by Sonar from Fotolia.comTransit surveying instruments are used to survey land and establish boundary lines and other points. These instruments give precise vertical and horizontal angular measurements, and can be used for leveling...

HR job descriptions

The human resource department off late has become one of the indispensible parts of an organization. In case of a large organization, a human resource person is expected to carry out myriad tasks of t

Police Officer Oral Board Interview

The police oral board interview eliminates more prospective police applicants than all other parts of the testing process combined. Before you set foot into the police oral boards, be prepared to answer these tough questions.

What Are Dept of Homeland Security Jobs?

Job placements for the Department of homeland security are very much in demand currently. Since the inception of the department after September 11, 2001 the various agencies which comprise the newly combined department have been employing people of all walks of life and varying levels of skills.

The Best Business To Start Regardless Of The Economy

So what is the top Small company to get started currently? The recession has caused many companies to shut. Not surprisingly sad fact, lots of people are still focused on starting their particular business. WhatOs ...

HR Generalist Manager Job Descriptions

An HR generalist manager is someone who runs a company's human resources department. The HR generalist's primary duties consist of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training employees. Occasionally, HR generalists may handle payroll or oversee the payroll department. They also play a role in maki

Job Searching 101: Tips for Successful Job Searching

One way to succeed at job searching is to create your own document templates. It is important to always have copies of your resume and cover letter ready for editing. This will enable you to ...

How To Make Digital Marketing Strategies That Really Work

In a digital age, where most users have computers and mobile devices, accessing websites, social networks, and other online media, has become part of day-to-day living. Thus, many companies have adopted digital marketing strategies to ...

Do You Train for Your Profession?

Are you a master at your craft? If not, how do you become one? Our formal education system is great for providing us with information. And we are rewarded with a grading system for memorizing that information. However, if you seek to be a master at your profession, it will take much more than acquir

What Are the Bases for a 1099-MISC?

1099-MISC forms are used primarily for three purposes. The bases for these documents are to report income from rents, royalties and non-employee compensation. In addition, these forms are for income other than employee compensation (W-2), interest (1099-INT), dividends and capital gains distribution

How to Teach English in Vienna

Austria is one of the oldest established nations in all of Europe. There is so much history in this nation that it has made it a very appealing destination for many people for years. It is right in the center of all of Western Europe, but is also the gateway to the eastern nations in Europe. Vienna,

Internal Auditor Jobs - Which Audit Sector Suits You

Now that most firms have moved from the urgency of getting SOX compliance measures into place to making SOX compliance a matter of routine, the market for audit jobs has calmed somewhat. Even so, demand for qualified candidates for audit jobs of all types remains high, and many firms are still strug