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Can an Employer Reveal a Salary on a Credit Check?

As many as 53 percent of job applicants lie on their resume, according to the Society of Human Resource Management. Employers try to verify data, such as previous salary, and weed out exaggerated resumes through background searches and credit checks. You may be worried that an employer can find out

Know Your Score - Part VIII

My credit is horrible.I've had a bankruptcy, charge-offs and collections even a judgment.So I don't think I'll ever get my credit straightened out.But I did just buy a new car.I say the guys on TV say "bad credit need a car"so I went down there and boy were they nice they ga

How to Improve Your Credit Score - Common Myths and Misconceptions

Because credit scores have become such an integral part of our financial lives, it is important that we understand what they're all about. Unfortunately, however, one survey has revealed that there are many Americans who don't really understand credit scores or how they work. In this artic

Credit Card for No Credit History With No Deposits

When you're first trying to establish credit, you may be frustrated by the Catch-22 of needing credit to qualify for credit. However, you may be able to obtain a credit card through organizations that cater to those who are just beginning to establish credit. If you don't immediately qualify, you ma

Benefits of Business Credit with No Personal Guarantee

Many entrepreneurs commit the error of using their personal credit to help finance their business. This is mainly because obtaining business credit with no personal guarantee is very tough for a new b

Arizona's Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt

The Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act issues consumer credit card debt guidelines, but individual state laws dictate the statute of limitations for credit card debt collection. Arizona's statute of limitations on credit card debt is based on the classification of credit cards as open accounts.

Credit Crunch Tips

It always feels good saving money. But at times like these in a recession, it pays to be extra careful with your expenses. So here are a few tips, which if applied, will save you cash.

Credit Report Monitoring - Early Detection of ID Theft

Identity theft is fairly common, although not widely publicized. In 2005 the Better Business Bureau reported over 9 million victims a year for two years running. One's identity can be stolen by something as simple as a security breach on hospital data. It can be quite baffling to determine the

Repairing Damaged Credit

Bad credit actually shows that you are incapable of handling money in the right sense and thus you end up paying more for insurance, loans and credit cards and that is the reason it becomes really important to look into credit repair.

Balance Transfer Credit CardBenefits Of Competition

The article describes who benefits from balance transfer credit cards and why, and offers guidance to those shopping for one. The article is presented from the perspective of the customer and how the market economy benefits him through balance transfer credit cards.

How Does Bin Database Help Websites?

You might know that today the rate at which the online scams and frauds are increasing is much higher than the rate the entire industry in growing. To sustain in this competitive red ocean market, ...

Lean Hogs Profile

Fundamental research of lean hog futures, including contract specs, USDA reports and tips on how to trade lean hogs in the commodity markets.

Is Your Credit Score Better Than the Average? Find Out For Free

With the ability to now get your credit score for free online, there's no more guess work when you go to apply for a loan. You don't have to wonder if you'll get approved for denied because you now have the ability of telling beforehand just what kind of loan you can get. But while th

Can I Sell My Home Back to the Mortgage Company?

Homes tend to increase in value over time, so you might think that a bank would want to purchase your property. Unfortunately, the same company that issued your mortgage probably does not want your home no matter what the cost or potential worth. In general, banks avoid owning property because they

APR Credit Card

Credit cards are very important especially in the lives of many American citizens.But at the same time, credit cards are also the reason behind why so many people have gone bankrupt or have had their things repossessed.