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What is the Importance of Your FICO Score

Often times we use the term "credit score" and "FICO score" interchangeably.They both give creditors the same number when it comes to determining whether or not they will grant an individual credit or not and at what interest rate.

Ways to Reduce Credit Card Debt To Zero

As we are still in the midst of recession and lay-offs, there will be an unfortunate number of people who end up spending more (i.e. cash outflow) than what they earn (either by way of part time salary, retrenchment benefits, interest or rental income). Some of these expenses are necessary, hence wi

How to Improve a Bad Credit Score

In the days of rising importance of credit scores, it is essential to be in a good credit score bracket [FICO score > 700] as it reflects your degree of responsibility to finances and trustworthiness to repay the loans. If you are operating under Bad Credit Score bracket [FICO score < 600], yo

Does Taking Out Another Credit Card Hurt My Credit?

All of your credit accounts have an impact on your credit score. When you take out a new credit card, credit rating agencies dock a few points from your credit score. However, other factors can cause the credit bureau to add points to your score so you may not notice a significant change in your sco

What Are The Advantages Of Credit Counseling?

There is currently $2.4 trillion in consumer credit debt out there in the US; that's larger than Brazil's national GDP. So with more credit card debt out there than a developing countries total economy it's no wonder that credit counseling is so popular. Sometimes that credit card deb

Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation - Which Approach to Chose?

Bad credit loans appear to be the red hot issue currently. Day after day, an increasing number of Americans are discovering themselves caught up just by the sum of money they must pay back and require debt assistance. In case you are having problems with eliminating your unsecured debts, don't

Does a Debt Consolidation Agency Hurt Credit in Any Way?

When a person becomes in debt it means that they owe money, but when those debts turn into long term arrears, court orders and payments collected by collection agencies that is when owing money starts to become stressful. What all this long term adverse credit will do to your credit score, is bring

Can a Collection Agency Sue For Debt?

Can a collection agency sue for debt?Many people who are over their heads with credit cards, car loans, and other bills want the answer to this question.Unfortunately, if you are behind on your bills, a collection agency can pursue remedies through the court system.But they have to do it legally.

Accepting Credit Cards: Supplier Status for Your Business

Lots of people nowadays, choose the comfort of purchasing through bank cards. In the usa, nearly one out of every 3 consumer purchases is paid through credit. It is vital as a result for businesses to readily accept credit payments to prevent losing sales even post office are offering to you credit

Credit Report - Do You Know the Right Steps to Fixing an Error?

Remember that your credit report controls your financial status, so it is best not to wear a nonchalant attitude when it comes to keeping your credit history up to date and fixing any error discovered. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why you constantly need the services of a credit

Paying Off Debt to Keep Your Credit Score Improving

One thing to keep in mind about your credit scores is that they are not static numbers but they change on a regular basis. While many people know when something negative has been added to their report, this does not necessarily translate into you knowing when your credit score has gone up or down. J

Check Your Credit Report - A Few Minutes Well Spent

Checking your credit report can ensure that when it comes time to buy a house or car, you are not turned down for financing. Online services make it easy to receive a detailed summary of your credit. You can get your basic report in just a few minutes for free. Then, find out your credit score from

Second Chance Checking - What's in it For You?

So, just what are second chance savings and checking accounts? Quite simply they are a secondary class of accounts that banks have set up to make more money off of high risk customers. Face it. If your credit is so bad that a bank won't just give you an account it's because they know that

How to Send Cash With Credit Card

Sending money through the mail has become increasingly dangerous. Cash is more likely to be stolen directly, and it is also possible for individuals to steal your checking information if you mail a check. Instead, it is possible to send money electronically by using your credit card. When doing so,

Do Not Taste the Bitter Side of the Credit Card

It's true that you are kept away from the real power to shop, if you do not have a credit card with you. However, if you really do not keep a control on your purchases, ...

Credit Crunch- A Conspiracy?

Credit Crunch Has Resulted Due to a Number of Factors. Some Say it is Due to Statisticians, While Some are of the Opinion That it Was Intended by the Lenders. However, it is a Combination of Factors B

Credit Card Payoff Help

Unfortunately, credit card debt can creep up to scary levels where it becomes difficult to pay the minimum balances and keep up with day-to-day bills. It can become overwhelming quickly. You may have become accustomed to using your credit card for day-to-day morning coffee purchases as well as your