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What Is a W2-G Income Tax Form?

The Internal Revenue Service taxes all of your income during the year, including gambling winnings, such as money and prizes won from lotteries, raffles, horse races and casinos. The facility at which you won the money will issue you a W-2G.

How to Amortize the Costs of Issuing Stock

When a corporation decides to go public in an effort to accumulate equity capital, it issues shares of stock to the public for purchasing. While the Internal Revenue Service permits amortizing the costs of incorporating a business, it does not permit the company to amortize the costs of issuing stoc

End the Dread of Tax Time With a Consultation From Local Tax Advocates

Maybe there isn't a specific phobia name attached to the condition, but many people suffer from an irrational fear of facing their annual taxes. This tax season, lay your financial fears to rest with a free consultation from a knowledgeable tax attorney or resolution professional close to home.

TIGTA Audit on Effectiveness of IRS Interim Letters

If you have ever sent a letter to the IRS to find out about your delayed tax refunds or to inquire about any other thing, you may have received a letter from the tax authority that does not respond to your questions but rather seeks to update you on your inquiry progress. These letters are called in

How to Obtain a Tax ID Number in Washington

The Washington State Department of Revenue is the state's principal tax collection agency. As of June 2010, nearly 470,000 businesses file tax returns with the agency on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.You are required to register with the agency if your business collects sales tax, if you hav

Tax Information About Cash Gifts

Gift taxes are a confusing area of tax law in the United States. When you give or receive a financial gift, you might think that you owe some type of tax liability. Understanding how gift tax laws work can help you avoid accumulating extra tax liability and stop worrying about a large tax bill.

Can I Deduct the New Roofing Shingles From Our Taxes?

Installing new shingles on your roof not only gives your house a fresh new look and potentially improves the energy efficiency, it could also give you a break at tax time. Depending on your situation, a portion of the cost of the shingles may be deductible.

What Is a Federal Employer Identification Number?

A Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the following format: XX-XXXXXXX. EINs for employee plans are formatted slightly different using a letter (for example M) or the plan number (for example 002) following the EIN. An

Mortgage - Avail For Tax Debt Relief

If a notice of tax debt from IRS has been received for the 2008 tax period, mortgage forgiveness on that year may save you. In principle, forgiven mortgage amount is to be added as income which in turn will be taxable. However, given the fact that this mortgage is a primary residence, a tax debt rel

How Do I Find Out Who Owns Land in Pennsylvania?

Researching land ownership in Pennsylvania requires a trip to the county courthouse, where deed and title information is kept. Many counties also allow you to do research online.

IRS Audit - Penalties Associated With Taxes

The IRS audit is a process that inspects your tax returns and checks it for accuracy or any other details for that matter. However, if your tax return has been selected for review it does ...

Can I Donate a Car That Doesn't Run?

Donating your car can help you contribute to a good cause, clean up your street by removing a an old and rusty vehicle and can even be more financially rewarding than selling it. Numerous charities will happily accept cars in any condition and also issue a receipt which you can use to deduct the don

How to Buy Wholesale

If "never pay retail" is your credo, you know that a trip to the outlet mall is just the tip of the iceberg. But how low can the prices go? Further reductions will only be possible through some effort on your part, like buying larger quantities or securing a reseller's license.

Irs Offshore Voluntary Disclosure The Four Options You Do Have

If somebody remains to be wondering what the proper plan of action is, it is imperative that they only speak to a qualified overseas tax lawyer. The legal professional-consumer privilege solely applies when speaking to an attorney. The IRS can subpoena nearly anyone else to testify against a taxpaye

The Salaries of Violinists in US Orchestras

Orchestras carry on the tradition of bringing masterfully composed sheet music to the ears of audiences around the world. To play composed music with an orchestra, a violinist must put in many hours of personal practice and rehearsal time. This time is compensated from concert ticket sales, private

Tax Tips for Parents of Students Over 25

There are a number of ways to benefit from government programs while paying for a student's education. Your first task is to determine whether or not your student qualifies as a dependent for tax purposes. There are special considerations for students 25 or older. Next, you will want to look at all

Consequences for Not Filing IRS Tax Returns

No one likes paying taxes, and everyone has had that occasional moment when they wonder what would happen if they simply didn't file. Most of us think better of the notion. The IRS may be a large bureaucracy, but it is efficient at locating unfilled returns. With constant advances to its computer s

Can Two Unmarried People Who Are Common Law Married File Taxes Jointly?

Under the Internal Revenue Code, married taxpayers can file join tax returns if they are legally married in the state in which they reside. The federal tax laws allow taxpayers to file their taxes jointly or individually as married taxpayers if they are married on the last day of the tax year, Decem