Rudy Giuliani"s Battle With Prostate Cancer

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Can Dentists Predict Heart Disease?

When your dentist peers into your wide open mouth, the last thing you imagine he will see is your heart. Well that's true, he may not exactly be looking into your heart, but dentists are ofte

Novel Cancer Drugs Target Tumor Roots

Anticancer drugs that starve tumors of their blood supply are showing promise for the treatment of advanced kidney, thyroid, and ovarian tumors.

Recognizing the Dedicated Effort to Treat Emesis

Dr Mark Kris recognizes the achievements of the dedicated group of researchers who developed antiemetics, helping to overcome one of the most feared side effects of cancer treatment.

Do You Know These Simple Tips to Fight Breast Cancer?

Quite a number of 100% natural options have been verified in studies to be of assistance, hence below are several strategies you have available to become knowledgeable on methods to fight. Consume Broccoli - That's right, enjoying broccoli can help you lower your odds of having breast-cancer. I

Ask the Experts - Significance of Positive Peritoneal Washings in...

A 60-year-old woman had a staging laparotomy with TAH+BSO because of endometrial carcinoma G2. Pathology revealed a 40% myometrial invasion. Nodes were not examined. Peritoneal washings contain adenocarcinoma cells. General health is excellent. What are the treatment recommendations?

Ten Challenges in the Management of Neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma is a complex disease primarily affecting babies and preschool children. Learn more about the innovative treatment approaches aimed at the challenges of this rare disease.

Cancema Skin Cancer

Cancema, the black salve. Sounding like something out of a nightmare or a horror book, cancema is rather considered by many to be a tremendous combatant against skin cancer. It is interesting to note that it is used not only to combat skin cancer in people but in their pets as well.

Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

They all have roughly the same symptoms and of the four, only prostate cancer is potentially life threatening. All men are at risk of developing prostate cancer. It is the most common cancer for men and statistics show that it affects one in six males, though only one in 36 males will die of it. It

Breast Cancer Survival Rates - Stage 3 Breast Cancer

There are people who have survived stage 3 breast cancer even at its worst scenarios. Everyone who is conflicted with this disease has the opportunity to have a valiant fight in her war against breast cancer.