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Making Calligraphy Ink From Acrylic Paint

Making calligraphy ink from acrylic paint requires that you have a paint with a runny, thin consistency, but also one that will hold up under use and not dissolve over time. You can use either premixed artist's acrylic paints or pure pigments to make your calligraphy ink. Using prepared acrylic pain

Top 8 Family Animes

I have watched the finale of Full Metal Alchemist the other day. I burst into tears when the great anime was ended. I am deeply moved by the anime plot.

The Favorite Disney Characters of All Time

As the Walt Disney empire grows, so too does its list of favorite Disney characters. Each generation seems to have a different group of favorites, but a few classic characters always seem to pop up.

How to Remove Skim From Paint

After a time, water-based latex paint can harden near the surface of a container, forming a thin rubbery layer. In some cases, you may be able to peel this skim away using only your fingers; however, more often than not, you'll end up breaking the layer into smaller particles that will mar the paint

How to Make Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Invented in China, silk is a textile woven out of the cocoons of silk worms. Silk has been prized for thousands of years and is still considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious textiles available. Silk is a commonly used material for scarves because of its beauty and softness. Painting your

Bird Painting Abstract Artistic Work Detail

Bird painting abstract work should be such that it should spread positivism in your home. Look for the painting which is worth the amount you paying for it and can go well with your home ...

How to Draw a Simple Airplane

Airplanes are complicated mechanical devices that could take a long time to draw completely realistically. Sometimes it is preferable to create simpler versions of a drawing. You can adhere to a particular style of drawing or sketch out a simpler version of a piece before committing to a more detail

Priming Canvas

Canvas is a good, sturdy surface for paint of any type. But it is porous enough that most painters choose to prime it with a sealant to help it to hold the paint evenly and in exactly the way it was applied. With a properly primed canvas, you won't have to worry about paint soaking in or swelling of

How to Paint Plastic Paneling

Painting plastic paneling is a simple process that will take you about 24 hours. The surface must be cleaned and dried before you can proceed. Acrylic spray primers and acrylic spray paints typically are used on plastic surfaces. You'll also need a clean place to allow the primer and paint to comple

Interview: Keiko Takemiya - Page 2

Legendary artist, author and educator Keiko Takemiya has been creating and innovating in the world of manga for over 40 years. Read our interview and discover Takemiya-sensei's take on being a female artist in the Seventies, her role in the creation and evolution of boys love / yaoi manga, and

Haitian Voodoo – An Intuitive Art Form

Haitian Voodoo is a very old spiritual perception originated from the country named Haiti. This faith was primarily progressed in the middle of the enslaved Africans during 16th century. This represents the beliefs and civilization ...

How to Draw a Black Book

A "black book" is often a book of phone numbers and addresses, but it may also be a day planner. Black books are usually relatively small---even pocket-sized---for purposes of portability. The covers are often blank and made of black leather. When drawing any book, it is helpful to have a ruler on