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How to Calculate Hard Drive Size

If you enjoy working with media files such as photographs and videos, or if you are thinking of purchasing additional software, you may want to calculate your computer's hard drive size first, to avoid any last-minute reorganization to make room and so you can decide if you should upgrade.

Ethernet Vs. USB Speed

Many users prefer Ethernet internet speeds because of their reliability and speed. Although Ethernet speeds provide users with greater options, some consumers choose USB internet speeds over Ethernet speeds because it is more inexpensive and more convenient to access. Both speeds should be researche

How to Covert AVI To a DVD & Burn

AVI files, also known as Audio Video Interleave, are mainly used to watch movies and television shows with acceptable quality and compression rate. Converting and burning an AVI video file onto a DVD is a simple process. You will need an AVI-to-DVD burning program to get started, along with a blank

How do I Overclock the GeForce 7800?

Nvidia's GeForce 7800 outperforms its previous models by featuring an upgraded circuit board with new, slightly slower clocks. The GeForce 7800 is able to render extremely detailed textures very quickly with its 24 pipelines, eight vertex units and heightened ability to perform the floating math com

Need Cheap Keypads for Your Products? Go for Membrane Keypads

There are many firms that require cheap keypads for their products. Companies that manufacture security systems, control panels for industries, public kiosks, credit card swapping machine and so on need a simple and cheap keypad ...

Types of Wireless Keyboards for Computers

keyboard image by Christopher Hall from Fotolia.comWireless keyboards free you from being constantly anchored to your computer. This comes in handy when you need to use your keyboard from across the room. It also helps you keep bulky computer parts out of the way when not in use. Before...

How to Make a Computer Desktop Vertical

If you want to use your computer for reading long documents or using applications that require more length then width, then there is an easy way to change your desktops orientation. There could be any number of reasons you may want a vertical or even an upside down desktop and thankfully most video

Capacity Planning in Server Farm Virtualization Projects

Server virtualization projects are often grounded on unreliable rule-of-thumbs rather than on accurate capacity planning because CIOs do perceive it as time consuming, expensive and delivering little benefits. We have proved that with the right tools you can on the contrary get significant benefits

How to Upgrade Memory for a Dell Inspiron B130

Installing memory into a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop is not difficult. The Dell Inspiron B130 uses PC2-2400 DDR2 SDRAM according to, an online dealer of computer memory. The Dell Inspiron B130 also comes standard with 256MB of memory and has a capacity of up to 2GB of memory. The D

How to Save a DVD Movie to The Computer

DVDs are great pieces of technology that provide pristine picture, sound and extra materials. However, if a disc gets scratched, then all of that could become unreadable. Instead of treating your DVDs like delicates, you can copy them to your computer's hard drive and create an easy backup that you'

How to Choose a Sound Card for Your Computer

While integrated sound has come a long way since the early days, nothing beats a sound card to increase not only sound quality, but PC performance as well. Learn what you need to know to choose a sound card.

How Do I Recover Hard Drive Files?

Your computer's hard drive stores files that range from videos and photos to program files. If a file is deleted and no backup of the file was ever created, there is only one way to get it back -- with a free recovery program. These types of programs will not put a dent in your wallet, and you will

How to Install a USB Mass Storage Device: Data Is Invalid

If you get a "data is invalid" error message after installing a USB mass storage device on your computer, this means there is a problem with the device's file system. Either the file system was never installed, or it has become corrupted. You can correct this by formatting the drive, which will rein

Five Tips For Making a Portable PC Last Longer

Getting the most life out of any kind of computer is essential these days, especially for those Americans who aren't prepared to shell out the big bucks to make an upgrade to a whole new ...

How to Cancel a Print Job on a HP LaserJet 4 Plus

The HP Laserjet 4 series is a group of printers that were produced in the early to mid-1990s. One of the laser printers in the series was the HP Laserjet 4 Plus, which was an upgraded version of the original Laserjet 4. Even though this line of printers wwas discontinued in the 1990s, you may still