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How to Run a System Restore on a Laptop With the Vista Operating System

You carry your laptop everywhere -- and with it, you carry an entire hard drive full of important files, documents and programs. Accessing public wireless Internet networks can infect your laptop with viruses and put those files at risk. If you find that your laptop is infected with malware, however

How to Remove a Logitech BackWeb

BackWeb is an application used in conjunction with web-based devices to help back up information. You may use this application with your Logitech hardware, such as wireless cameras. However, if you no longer need the BackWeb software on your computer to help back up information for the Logitech equi

How to Reinstall Windows XP Drivers

Drivers allow your computer's hardware to communicate with the operating system. Without the right ones installed, your devices either won't function at all, or will function improperly. Thanks to Windows XP's built-in driver installer, users of all skill levels can install drivers in a couple

How to Unlock My Vaio Keyboard

Accidentally locking your Vaio keyboard can cause typed letters and/or numbers to appear on the screen very slowly, or not at all. The locking function can occur if a user holds down the shift key for more than eight seconds. This feature can be unlocked through the computer's Microsoft Accessibilit

How to Disable the Windows Genuine Advantage Notice

For many Windows users, downloading and installing a third-party application involves dealing with the annoying Windows Genuine Advantage notice. Although this built-in application is intended to be a piracy detector, on occasions the detection can be erroneous. To disable this notice, you need to m

What Is Registry Cleanup?

Windows operating systems use the registry to store all of the settings and configurations of not only Windows, but also of each program you use. Keeping the registry clean is one of the most important aspects of keeping your computer running smoothly.

How to Disable Error Correction in a Brother Intellifax 4750E

Error correction mode, or ECM, is an optional transmission mode that checks for the integrity of the fax while it's in transmission, and if it's necessary to resend the document. This mode only works if the other fax machine involved in the transaction also has ECM turned on. If the other machine do

How to Upgrade XP Home SP2 to XP

Upgrading XP Home to another version of XP is ordinarily done so that users can use applications that are not available in their current version. This is a straightforward task that is able to be performed by even a novice computer user, and you don't need to back up your data and software.

How to Defrag a Linux Dual Boot on XP

Running a dual-boot system allows you to have two independent operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, on the same computer. The problem with this setup is that if you need to access the other operating system, you need to reboot. Fortunately, there are programs you can install that can fix thi

How to Stop Redirects Online

In most cases, a website landing page automatically re-directing you to another page within the site is little to worry about, such as in the case of a Flash-based website introduction. In some instances, however, websites re-direct you to third-party sites replete with malicious software or web rob

How to Upgrade Ghost Surf

Ghost Surf is a program that functions like an advanced proxy site by blocking all of your personal information from websites you visit. This includes your IP address, browser type and your current location (all information websites can easily see when you visit). If you have an older version of Gho

How to Enable & Disable Rollback

Every time a software product is installed via the Windows Installer, a rollback script is generated and copies of installation files are temporarily saved in the system. If the installation is successful, these files are no longer needed and are automatically deleted. If the installation fails, the

How to Add an Apostrophe in CL AS/400

If you're writing programs in IBM's AS/400 Control Language, you'll frequently want to script messages to the user -- strings of text that appear on the screen while the program is running. When you define these strings in the program, you place them inside single apostrophes -- 'like this'. This me

Instructions to Work a Dell Latitude D610 XP Pro

The Dell Latitude D610 notebook computer features an Intel Pentium M processor with a 533 MHz front-side bus. It comes with an Intel 915 GM video card for displaying 2D and 3D graphics. Dell ships the laptop with 256 MB of system memory, upgradable to 2 GB. This notebook computer comes standard with

How to Change the DVD Region on a Windows Dell XPS M140

The Dell XPS M140 is a Windows-based media center laptop specifically created for entertainment purposes. The XPS laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows XP Media Center edition and is intended for watching movies, playing games and using other types of entertainment media. DVD movies inserted into the

How do I Install Windows XP on an Acer One ZG5?

The Acer Aspire One ZG5 is a compact netbook that comes with many features, such as built-in WiFi, a webcam, an SD card reader and an 80GB internal hard drive. It meets all the system requirements to install the Windows XP operating system. Netbooks do not have an optical drive, which is what makes

How to Print From the Large Black Cartridge on the Canon MP610

Higher end Canon inkjet printers, including the MP610, use five ink cartridges: three for colors and the other two for black. One of the black ink cartridges is larger than the other and is used for printing all naturally black colors such as text. The other black cartridge is smaller and is only us

How to Make Pictures With Webdings

Microsoft created the Webdings font to give Web designers a convenient way to add simple graphics to their Web pages. Webdings has been around since 1997 and has shipped with every Windows release since that time. Webdings characters are clear and simple. If you need to add Web clip art to a graphic

Cabin Window Ideas

Selecting the right windows for your cabin can save thousands in construction costs.Poet's Cabin image by Lucid_Exposure from Fotolia.comThe type of windows you select for your cabin can have a major impact on its aesthetic appeal and your wallet. Windows and doors can account for 10...

How to Write a VBS File to Kill a Task Manager Process

Windows Task Manager is an application that allows you to view all the processes on the machine. Processes are applications running on the machine. They can be background processes that help the operating system function, or the process can be a software application opened by the user. You can use a