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Reconstruction Phases of a Break Up - It's Science People!

In view of this reconstruction must go through four phases, as psychologists have determined. Here are the four phases Understand why you were wrong in the situation Make some changes so you can rekindle the relationship Learn to forgive and forget Regain confidence in each other The last two steps

How to Win Back a Girl and Win Her Back Now

They say that patience is a virtue. But what do you do when you've been dumped and you want to how to win back your girl? In this article we are going to offer a few basic strategies and helpful hints that may help you get back in her life.

Lessons Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me

You know that men get dumped by women all the time, but do men learn from these experiences so their next relationship will go much better or do men just deal with it and move on. If you have been dumped, I would hope you learned and grown more knowledgeable from it. Below are some lessons I have le

Girlfriend Need Space? How You Can Keep Her From Pulling Away

So your girlfriend has either told you she needs space, or she is dropping hints that she wants to give a little bit of space between the two of you so she can work things out. You're probably panicking, and have no idea what to think about this or what to do.

Your Ex Girlfriend - How to Get Ex Girlfriend Back

Have you ever heard the old saying that it is not over until it is over, while this also applies to relationships as well. If you are going through a breakup with the woman you love, you have probably

The First Thing to Do to Win Your Girlfriend Or Wife Back

This is the first thing that you need to do to win back the love of your life. Forget the advice of amateur matchmakers telling you to buy her flowers or talk to her or tell her that you love her. This one thing will set you on the sure path of winning back the love of your life.

How to Stop Him From Thinking About Another Woman

If the man in your life is seeing another woman, you do not have to give up. So long as you know how to go about it, you can get rid of the woman from his life so that he can focus on you instead.

Ignoring Your Ex - A Tactic That Almost Always Lets You Get Your Ex Back

It is extremely easy to break a relationship, but it is not a child's play to get things back to normal. It is due to this particular reason that you should never make a quick decision when you have an objection on something your girlfriend or boyfriend does. But, if you have already gone to th

Unrealistic Expectations in a Relationship

You start the honeymoon period buoyed up on a cloud of love and romance. You spend nearly every free second that you have with your partner, you talk for hours and you are unable to think of anything but your partner. However, you are also so wrapped up with each other that you fail to register thei

Do You Know What You Can Do To Get Your Ex Back?

People go through breakups everyday and if they are trying to get back with their ex they are sometimes overwhelmed with advice on how to. Do you know what things you should do and what you should avo

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend to Call You

If you've been through a tough breakup, one of the last things you may expect is for your girlfriend to call you. This is especially true if you've been bombarding her with text messages and phone calls over the last few days.

What Happened? My Boyfriend Dumped Me

Are you going around with, "My boyfriend dumped me. What can I do?" running through your mind? Then you should at least remember that many others are feeling what you feel now. Time will heal all wounds and even if you don't reunite with him, you won't go around saying, "My

Text Your Ex Husband Back - Get His Attention and Get Him Back in Your Arms

Before you actually try to text your ex husband back by getting his attention, ask yourself whether these things apply to you first: You want your ex husband back because your marriage was the most important thing in your life and you miss how he made you feel. You aren't doing it for revenge.

Get Your Ex Back - Is it Possible?

Breakups happen all the time. Around the world someone is always leaving someone, and a lot of the time the person dumped wants them back. So is it possible to do this? There are many books and articles on the subject, but how successful are the techniques in these?If you want to get your ex back, y