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Florida Law on Recording Phone Conversations

Telephone users sometimes have a need to record conversations, but complex federal and state laws can complicate recording of calls. In Florida, a two-party consent law restricts recording without consent from all parties.

What Are the Types of Criminal Justice Lawyers?

The landmark 1963 Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainright established that state courts must provide an attorney to criminal defendants who otherwise could not afford one. Courts refer to those who cannot afford attorneys as "indigent defendants." Gideon led to the further expansion of the public def

How to Address the Ombudsman

Government agencies and some private organizations use ombudsmen to handle disputes and concerns about proper conduct of employees and managers. Instead of focusing on discipline and penalties as many regulatory complaint processes do, ombudsmen work with all parties involved to investigate issues s

Many Families Report Christmas Day Laptop Theft

Industry leader Snuko, P.L.C. offers the perfect accompaniment to new laptop: fulltime anti-theft security. Laptops have been highly touted was one of the most exciting holiday gifts to receive. Teenagers, parents and grandparents alike are overjoyed upon opening a brand new iMac or netbook...

Did You Commit a Probation Violation?

If you are on probation, the State is monitoring most aspects of your life. If you don't follow the conditions of probation exactly, you are likely facing substantial prison time.

Criminal Psycology

For justice to prevail there must be competent bodies which are charged with the responsibility of making sure justice is seen to be done. The most vital unit is the investigation where by cases are d

Accomplice Liability

Accomplice liability is one of a number of ways that prosecutors can expand the scope of a crime and include more individuals who were potentially involved in the crime. Accomplice liability, which can also be called aiding and abetting or complicity, is based on making an individual who helps or ev

Finding a Competent Dallas Criminal Attorney

In a place that is highly crowded, crime rate is usually high. That is the case in a town that is highly populated like Dallas. Therefore, it is common practice to find people making it ...

How to Remove Criminal History in Texas

Even if someone was never convicted of a crime for which they were arrested, it can still appear on their record. Texas has laws to help defendants remove this black mark. Removing the record of such an arrest can be helpful when they need to apply for a job or qualify for an apartment.

Taking a DWI to Jury Trial

Sometimes I'm approached by folks who want to fight their DWI charge tooth and nail. They're convinced they were driving impaired, and they are dead certain that a jury of their peers will find them "Not Guilty.

How Bail Bonds Work in Orange County

There are many misconceptions about how bail bonds work. In fact, bail is different state-to-state across America. So, Orange County California and Orange County Florida would have different systems in place. In this article, we'll ...

Taking Advantage of Public Records

Many people have heard about the different types of information which are made available to the public with the proper clearance for the information. These are known as public records and can be accessible by anyone through written notice or by the use of services which are tapped directly into the

After The Riots - Non Public Order Act Offences Committed During 2011 UK Riots

The disturbances that initially started in Tottenham on Saturday 6th August and then spread to various areas of London as well as other parts of the country have divided the nation as to how and why they began, and who was responsible. Within a short period of time, there have been an unprecedented

Security Issues - How it Works

We live in a world that is a full of insecurity. Insecurity hits everyone; no one is immune to it. People are loosing jobs everyday or not losing it because they never get it after finishing the school. Money is a huge reason that makes people do illegal things, but there is a difference between tho

Child Neglect Laws

Child Neglect in California Defined Under the law, California Penal Code section 270, child neglect is committed when a parent of a minor child willfully omits, without lawful excuse, to furnish necessary clothing, food, shelter or medical attendance, or other remedial care for his or her child. All

How to Prepare Pre-Hearing Submissions for MSPB

The United States Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) is a federal agency responsible for adjudicating appeals of federal employees who are terminated from employment, demoted or suspended for more than 14 days. Appealing employees have a right to a hearing before an administrative judge. Prior to

How to Fingerprint the Deceased

According to fingerprint specialist W.M. Bailey, fingerprinting has been used in pre-historic times of the Babylonians and Chinese as a means of providing physical evidence and sealing official documents with a unique fingerprint mark. Since the use of fingerprint technology, medical examiners and l