How to Cruise the Greatest Rivers in Europe

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Sail Boat Lighting Concept to Save Battery

Lights on sailboats are very important because you do not want to get hit by another vessel. Once the sun goes down you do not have the advantage of being seen as you do during the daytime with that huge sail.

Mississippi Cruises and Things to Do During the Trip

River travel is one of mankind's oldest ways to get around, but the modern and fashionable way to do it in your leisure time is certainly with a nice cruise! Mississippi cruises in particular have been gaining a lot in popularity, both with ...

Abu Dhabi Yacht Charter Services

You may be looking forward to having a luxurious holiday where you can get everything at once yet in the sea. The most enjoyable activity is being able to have fun at the sea with a touch of that of h

Sailing away in Halong bay, Vietnam

Many generations ago, Ha Long Bay was virtually deserted, a few traders or fishermen sailing their brown-sailed junks through its misty waters. The mysterious islands were full of legends but free of

Single and Traveling? Have You Thought Of Cruising?

There are lots of terrific cruises for singles out there and it's up to each potential traveler to ferret out the very best ones. There are many mixed group cruises of course, and these can range from couples' cruises, family reunions, cruises for special-interest groups, learning cruises,

Cruises: Popular Ports of Call

What are the best places to visit on a cruise? This article runs down just a few ports of call that are popular when you go cruising and highlights the best points of interest for each destination.

Norwegian Cruise Lines - Freestyle Cruising

Have you ever thought of getting full freedom on a cruise? If the answer is no then find out in this article. Norwegian Cruise Lines, the most beautiful and the largest cruise lines ever provide you freestyle cruising. You will get all the flexibility and freedom that you ever wanted in a cruise.

African Cruise Adventure on the Silversea Silver Wind

African cruise travel log from Silversea Silver Wind cruise from Cape Town, South Africa to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania via Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Richards Bay, South Africa; Maputo, Mozambique; and Nosy Be, Madagascar

How to Stay Healthy on a Cruise Ship

Along with the glamour and fun associated with cruise travel comes a real need to be aware of your personal health and safety. If you're concerned about health and safety issues on board a cruise ship, keep reading for great tips on how to stay well during your next cruise vacation.

Thinking About a Cruise Wedding?

The popularity of cruising and cruise ship weddings are growing. More and more people are "embarking" on adventures via the ocean and getting married and then enjoying a honeymoon at sea.

Japanese Ports of Call: Nagasaki and Shimonoseki

A cruise to the Far East might include ports of call in the fascinating island nation of Japan. We visited Nagasaki, and found the city to be interesting and thought-provoking.

World Cruises - Top Travelers Vacation Dream List

A cruise around the world tops just about every traveler's vacation dream list and there are good reasons why. You can visit countries and cities you've only dreamed about visiting one day - all on one luxurious cruise ship where you will be pampered, entertained, and enlightened along the