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Plus ça change

What does the French expression plus ça change mean and how is it used?

Value of Learning a Foreign Language

The value of being proficient in a second language may seem unclear when you are sitting in a Spanish class in high school, attempting to master French in college or reading subtitles in an award-winning foreign film. Learning a foreign language can benefit you cognitively, academically, professiona

The Benefits Of Boots

The latest credit rating crunch has resulted in a tremendous amount of grownup men and females tightening their purse strings and keeping a near eyesight on how an amazing offer money they spend.

EST Vs. Utc Time

The time zones EST and UTC are often misunderstood. How do people in one time zone determine their position to Coordinated Universal Time? How does daylight-saving time affect UTC and EST?


What does the French word normal mean? How is it pronounced and used?

How to Convert English to Macedonian

In the current age of global communities and Internet resources, it has become increasingly easy to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps. While Macedonian is not nearly as prevalent worldwide as English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and many other "global languages," there are numerous ways for an Engli

Sentence Combining #9: The Kitchen

This exercise, adapted from a paragraph in Alfred Kazin's memoir, offers practice in combining sentences to create a descriptive paragraph.

Les Sept Nains - The Seven Dwarves

Nice Carnival is the largest winter event on the French Riviera. In 2009, Carnaval de Nice took place from 13 February to 1 March, and the theme was Roi des Mascarades (King of Masquerades).

How to Make a Cherokee Talking Stick

Whoever holds the Talking Stick in Cherokee culture has the right to speak. Used at tribal councils and ceremonial occasions for centuries, the stick ensures the holder gets a fair and uninterrupted hearing without fear of ridicule or reprisal, says Carol Locust, Ph.D., of the Cherokee Nation.

Insidious and Invidious

The adjective "insidious" means treacherous but enticing, or spreading harmfully in a subtle way. The adjective "invidious" means discriminatory, or tending to cause ill will or envy.

Frans Leren Voor Je Gaat Studeren In Het Buitenland?

Studeren in het buitenland is een nuttige manier om zelfstandiger te worden. Je leert er je plan trekken. Je maakt er ook heel nieuwe vrienden, vaak van zeer verschillende afkomst. Daarom is het ook de ideale manier om je venster op de wereld te verruimen. Maar waar kan je dan heen?


Synchoresis is a rhetorical term for a type of concession made to create an impression of fairness and impartiality.