Child Care with Cerebral Palsy

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Autism Services And Care

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by significant impairment in social interaction and nonverbal communication as well as extremely narrow repertoire of interests. It can be identified early during childhood though quite a ...

Don' t Let Your Panic Attack Ptsd Determine Who You Can Be!

Individuals who have to suffer from panic attack PTSD can tell you that this condition isn't a joke, and that merely "snapping out of it", as numerous non-sufferers imply, isn't as easy as it might appear to be. Here I will explain exactly what it means to endure this kind of deb

Electric Wheelchair Accessories

The electric wheelchair offers the many conveniences related to posture and comfort. But this requires the constant maintenance and regular checking to be done on the accessories for wear and tear. Not all parts are available everywhere, hence when buying an electric wheelchair, the availability of

Do You Need a Standing Stair Lift?

Stair lifts are the best solution to the physically restricted people, for climbing the stairs. The existence of stairs might necessitate the need to search for a home without stairs, for the wheelchair users. Now, with the use of the stair lift, one can overcome the problem of travelling up the sta

Pride Hurricane Scooter for All Your Locomotive Needs

Hurricane PMV propels scooter from the home of Pride is definitely a mobility device that can accommodate all the locomotive needs of your loved one who have restricted limb movement. Hurricane is a tech scooter that has incorporated all advanced features to make the scooter a comfortable yet effici

Choosing the Best Type of Wheelchair

For our physically challenged friends, they can still move and travel around without others' help. With the constant advancement of medical science, there is more to using just a manual wheelchair. Through the help of power wheelchair, they can regain mobility, they can regain freedom without s

Using Grab Bars in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are full of hazards and for those with restricted mobility, including the elderly, disabled and even those just slightly unsteady on their feet, using the bathroom can be a difficult, even dangerous exercise. Bathroom floors are traditionally wooden, covered with linoleum vinyl or tiled, a

Shoulder DISLOCATION Physiotherapy

This is very common complication of anterior dislocation of shoulder and accounts for the greater then 80% of dislocation of the upper extremity. Age at the time of initial dislocation is an important

How to Get Dental Disability for Veterans

Unfortunately, even the most courageous and accomplished veterans are not automatically provided dental benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA), even if they use the VA's medical benefits. Not only do few qualify for the dental benefits, but the process to secure those benefits is long and

List of Adaptive Kitchen Tools

A list of adaptive kitchen tools for chefs of all ages and abilities. New innovations have made cooking easier for the disabled.

Tricycle For Handicapped

Now the technology has improved everyone's life with certain needs, especially to those who are unable to walk or we can say physically handicapped or disabled with certain mobility challenge