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Don' t Let Your Panic Attack Ptsd Determine Who You Can Be!

Individuals who have to suffer from panic attack PTSD can tell you that this condition isn't a joke, and that merely "snapping out of it", as numerous non-sufferers imply, isn't as easy as it might appear to be. Here I will explain exactly what it means to endure this kind of deb

Electric Wheelchair Accessories

The electric wheelchair offers the many conveniences related to posture and comfort. But this requires the constant maintenance and regular checking to be done on the accessories for wear and tear. Not all parts are available everywhere, hence when buying an electric wheelchair, the availability of

Pride Hurricane Scooter for All Your Locomotive Needs

Hurricane PMV propels scooter from the home of Pride is definitely a mobility device that can accommodate all the locomotive needs of your loved one who have restricted limb movement. Hurricane is a tech scooter that has incorporated all advanced features to make the scooter a comfortable yet effici

Using Grab Bars in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are full of hazards and for those with restricted mobility, including the elderly, disabled and even those just slightly unsteady on their feet, using the bathroom can be a difficult, even dangerous exercise. Bathroom floors are traditionally wooden, covered with linoleum vinyl or tiled, a

More Than Just "foot Pain"

There are several cases that have diagnosed numerous and varying disorders which are not typically something a primary care doctor would initially send a patient to a foot and ankle specialist for. Here's an insight of how should such ordeals be treated.

Shoulder DISLOCATION Physiotherapy

This is very common complication of anterior dislocation of shoulder and accounts for the greater then 80% of dislocation of the upper extremity. Age at the time of initial dislocation is an important

How to Get Dental Disability for Veterans

Unfortunately, even the most courageous and accomplished veterans are not automatically provided dental benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA), even if they use the VA's medical benefits. Not only do few qualify for the dental benefits, but the process to secure those benefits is long and

Scholarships for Service Dogs

German shepherd dogs were the first breed to be trained as Seeing Eye image by Michael Korecki from Fotolia.comThe idea to press man's best friend into service as an assistance dog came to a woman named Dorothy Harrison Eustis in 1918 after World War I. She was impressed by the...

List of Adaptive Kitchen Tools

A list of adaptive kitchen tools for chefs of all ages and abilities. New innovations have made cooking easier for the disabled.

Natural Ways to Cure Back Pain

There are natural ways that you can use to get relief from back pain so you can carry on with your everyday life and accomplish your daily tasks.

Benefits of Laser Protective Glasses

There are many people that are exposed to laser light and most of them may be sensitive and can easily get affected. Since this exposure may cause bad damages to some people, laser protective glasses ...

Treatment Of Adhd - What Are The Different Treatment Options Available?

The treatment of ADHD usually takes on the form of stimulant medications such as Adderall and Ritalin, combined with therapy. The problem is that these drugs are very controversial because of the many alarming and potentially dangerous side effects that they can and do produce. This has led many peo

Electric Carts for Seniors

Electric scooters provide a means of personal transportation for many who would be otherwise immobile.mature age transport 1. image by mdb from Fotolia.comSeniors sometimes find themselves incapable of moving about with some sort of aid as their health deteriorates. Thanks to the...

Definition of Hearing Impaired

Anyone who has a decrease or a total absence of hearing in one or both ears is referred to as hearing impaired. People who are affected by this condition often choose to use sign language to communicate or wear a hearing aid.

Coping With Fecal Incontinence

For individuals that are suffering with fecal incontinence there can be many different challenges. They may feel isolated, alone and wonder how they can ever cope with this problem. However, no matter how daunting this problem is, there are steps to take that will help you effectively manage and cop