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All about Cell Phone Recycling

On an average, a cell phone runs about 24 months in terms of the shelf life. In other words, a newer model of cell phone needs to come into the market to replace the older one. This is actually happen

How to Use a GY Electronic MP3 Player

The GY Electronic MP3 player is a Chinese-made musical device designed after the Apple iPod Shuffle. The device has no LCD screen and it comes with only a few controls. Like the iPod Shuffle, it plays music only in two different ways, either in the order in which the audio files are uploaded or in

Samsung S8300 Gold – Looks That Matters

The Samsung S8300 Gold is an attractive and feature rich mobile phone with many positive aspects that will make it a great phone to use. With its new apparel, it'll surely move forward the flagship of

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): The Benefits and Hazards

BYOD, the abbreviated form of Bring Your Own Device, is a business policy adopted by most enterprises today to ensure mobility of profits. The concept of BYOD entails the workforce of an enterprise ge

How to Copy Audio Tapes to CDs

Audio tapes become brittle and lose sound quality over time, especially if subjected to temperature fluctuations, such as leaving cassettes in a car. Before old tapes can deteriorate, it might be a good idea to copy them onto long-lasting CDs using a computer with recording software and a CD burner.

Samsung F490 Games

The Samsung F490 cell phone features a 3.3-inch touch screen display, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, and a video recorder. It also includes 130 megabytes of memory pre-installed, which is convenient for storing pictures and other programs. Downloadable content such as applications, ringtones, and

How to Make an Amp With a Tube Radio

Old tube radios are sometimes converted into amps for a few purposes: one being to make guitar amplifiers, and another as a makeshift public address system. Many vintage radios already have most of the correct parts to be converted into a tube amp. The easiest approach is to find one that already h

How to Connect a Blackberry Curve to a Wireless Router

One of many cool features of the Blackberry Curve is its ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks for faster Internet service. However, the menu on the Curve can be somewhat intimidating, especially to new users. To help you get your Curve online, here is a step-by-guide that will help you connect the p

Nikon Microscope Specifications

Nikon makes stereoscopic microscopes with binocular tube eyepieces and trinocular tube eyepieces, depending upon which microscope you purchase. As of 2010, there are five different microscopes available for purchase, each with many features and accessories.SMZ1500The SMZ 1500 is available...

Instructions for a Slik SDV-20 Tripod

Photography is an art practiced by professionals and amateurs. The tripod -- a valuable tool for any photographer -- is a three-legged camera stand that allows for very focused photographs. The tripod stabilizes the camera; it permits the photographer to zoom very far, and take a clear shot without

Green Lasers Information

The very earliest lasers worked in the microwave, infrared, and red regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Helium-neon-based green lasers soon followed. The invention of the laser diode in the early 1960s led to today's small, hand-held green laser pointers.

The Features of a Sony CDP-CE235

Pictured is the front panel of a CD player.hi-fi cd player image by Yorkie Paul from Fotolia.comBefore the advent of MP3 players, CD players were the most popular way to play music. The Sony CDP-CE235 is a good example of a high-quality CD player. With a wealth of functions and...

How To Get VGA to Work on TV

As TVs become bigger and better, many people are starting to use their TVs as computer monitors. VGA, or Video Graphics Array, is the graphics display for computers. If your computer's video card has TV-out capabilities, you can easily connect your TV to the VGA on your computer.

How to Hook a Canon Vixia HG20 to a Computer With No Power Cable

The Canon Vixia HG20 is a high-definition camcorder that records full HD 1080p video to its internal 60GB hard drive. Once you have shot footage, you can connect the camera to your computer to transfer footage for editing, backing up and creating video discs. While it is recommended that you have th

How to Use a Zoom Lens With Reading Glasses

If you wear corrective glasses you may find using cameras with a zoom lens slightly difficult. This is because your glasses keep you from resting your eye firmly against the eye piece, and if you remove the glasses you don't know if the image is actually in focus or not. Luckily, if you do use readi