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Car video for yourself and your co-travelers

Long road trips can be unexciting to people in all ages. So, having planned for a long road trip, are you looking for ways to keep your co-travelers entertained? A portable and convenient car video sy

How to Hook Up Two Crown Amplifiers to a Bridge

Crown manufactures a line of power amplifiers for car and truck stereo systems. Some of the company's amplifier products can be bridged, which involves connecting two amps in a specific way to increase the power output for driving speakers more efficiently. Each amplifier will have a switch for chan

My Creative Zen V Plus Will Not Turn On

The "Zen V Plus" is a part of a collection of MP3 players manufactured by Creative. It stores and plays digital files, including music, videos and photos. If the device will not turn on, there are a few potential solutions.

How to Install Rear Speakers in a 2000 Pathfinder

Your 2000 Nissan Pathfinder came equipped with speakers in the rear door from the factory. Over time, these speakers can deteriorate and wear out, requiring replacement. And even if they're working OK, replacing them with new, high-performance aftermarket speakers will pep up the sound in your Pathf

How to Hook Up an ASUS G51 Series Computer to a TV

The Asus G51 series laptop is a powerful gaming laptop running Windows 7 that features a 2 GHz Intel i7 processor. If the laptop's built-in screen isn't big enough for you, you can connect your laptop to a TV using either the VGA or HDMI video output ports built into the computer. Connecting your As

How to Choose the Best HD Antenna for Indoors

High-definition television (HDTV) can be viewed from over your local airwaves using either external or indoor antennas. If you live in a rental apartment or property that prohibits the installation of an external antenna on the roof, your only option is to select the best indoor HDTV antenna possibl

Video Projectors and Color Brightness

The first thing to consider in purchasing a video projector is brightness. However, the stated specifications (using the term Lumens) do not always accurately describe how much light a projector puts out, especially in terms of Color Brightness.

Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-ray Disc Player - Audio Setup

The BDP-320 offers practical features and good performance. This player is provides native 1080p output for Blu-ray Discs and 1080p upscaling for DVDs. The BDP-320 offers onboard decoding and undecoded bitstream output of Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD via HDMI. The BDP-320 aheres to Profile 2.0 specs and also

How to Set Up Email on My BlackBerry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve smartphone's email application allows its users to manage up to 10 email accounts from the device. After the initial setup of your email directly from the device, you can send and receive email messages as you normally would on a computer. The BlackBerry's newest email features

Get Your Own Ipad For nothing: Be An Apple Ipad Tester

It's true that you can obtain the latest product in the market for free by submitting your thoughts and opinions. Most companies look for folks who can test their product and give feedback. I

FAQ Samsung Plasma TV

Televisions continue to grow and change in terms of quality and clarity. Plasma TVs offer high definition quality with different aspect ratios than normal television sets. Plasma TVs always feature flat screens and derive their quality from their pixels being separated into smaller...

Zune Tutorial

Zune is Microsoft's portable audio MP3 comparable to Apple's iPod. You can put music, videos, images, podcasts and games on your Zune. It comes with software you load onto your computer, which makes it easy to upload content and sync it to your Zune player. Zune comes in several capacities and forma

Differences in the Sony Bravia Series

The Sony Bravia TV series is divided into many sections that are designed to guide the customer to the best price point, depending on the desired size and features. Each Bravia series is defined by a two-letter combination that generally appears as the first two letters in the product identification

New DVD Releases

Let's take a look at this weeks new movies on video and DVD, along with a few additional releases of interest, and take a sneak peek at next week's movies on video/DVD.

How to Set Up Surround Sound to Sky

Sky is a paid satellite television subscription service available in the United Kingdom. Subscribers receive a Sky Digibox, which is a satellite receiver, that connects between the satellite dish and a television. The Digibox is equipped with a variety of ports for hooking up additional audio-video

How to Operate a Hand Held Tape Recorder

Even in this age of downloadable media and digital electronic products, there is still a place for tape recorders, especially since they are inexpensive and easy to use. According to Thomas Investigative Publications, smaller micro cassette recorders were popular in the '80s and '90s before MP3 play

How to Test FBML on Sandbox

Facebook Markup Language is a set of API references and tools that allows you to create applications and page templates that integrate with core Facebook features. These applications can add bulletin board functionality, tabs and the ability to read and write data on your Facebook account from a thi