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Mario Vs Sonic - The History of These Two Gaming Giants

Without a doubt the first two characters most think of when the topic of video game characters come up. Mario and Sonic have caused many debates over the past 15 years. Please read on for my article on a summary of their history including their good times and bad times.

Pocket Aces

Pocket Aces are like being launched off the deck of an aircraft carrier. Your going 0-150mph in three seconds. Then you slow down to the point that you feel as if you will fall out of the sky. Until you realize it is just the natural acceleration of the plane taking over lifting you higher and, high

How to Use a PS3 Controller With Computer Bluetooth

Using a Sony PlayStation 3 controller on a Windows PC wirelessly used to be quite a big deal. Neither Sony nor Microsoft decided to release drivers for the controller to be plug and play, so connecting was difficult. Programmers have worked hard to streamline the process of getting the controller to

Children's Rhythm Games

Rhythm games are fun for children.exaltation image by Cherry-Merry from Fotolia.comMost children have a natural sense of rhythm beginning early in life starting with their predilection for being rocked. Patty cake games bring smiles and even laughter to older babies and toddlers. As...

How to Manage a Poker Bankroll

If you want to take the next step in your poker game and go from a periodic winner to a regular one, there are some things that need to be in place. Bankroll management is one of the skills you need to possess.

Bingo Online - Are You Addicted to Bingo?

It is usually bad habits to which people say they think that got addicted. I think one can also think of another way and say that the good habits that we are not called addictions. And that's what I think keeps people realize they are addicted to something, they've found it's bad for

A Proven Lottery System - Fact or Myth?

There are many organizations out there claiming to make a proven lottery system. However, is there virtually any fact to this claim or perhaps is every thing hype and just a myth?

Playing QQ In No Limit Texas Holdem

While there is no argument that QQ is one of the most powerful starting hands in no limit Texas holdem, it also can be challenging to play correctly. The trademark of a good player is one who can win big pots while losing small ones.

The Greatest Final Fantasy Characters

n my opinion, the Knight is the greatest character in the Final Fantasy series. The Knight receives the most damage during team play and is able to withstand the greatest amount of poison and damage from monsters.

How to Prepare a Shower Floor

If you're planning to lay down a new tile or stone shower floor, it is important to use the right tools and methods to prepare the surface. This is a do-it-yourself home project that you can complete fairly quickly and easily on your own, but keep in mind that you must take special care to protect t

Basic Horse Betting

First let me say that there is nothing like spending a day at the race track with friends. The excitement starts as soon as you enter the gate. You'll root and cheer for your favorite horse and not care who hears you because they are doing the same thing.

'Cash Cab' Explained

'Cash Cab' is hosted by Ben Bailey and airs on the Discovery Channel. Learn more about how the game works, the Red Light Challenge, Shout Outs, the Video Bonus Challenge, and more.

How to Make a Long-Lasting Sling Shot

A sling shot can fire a projectile with great force and precision without the need of an explosive agent. You can make a durable sling shot from a few common household items, craft store parts and a Y-shaped branch from a tree. Adult supervision is necessary if the person making and using the sling

How to Recharge an Iban Staff

The Staff of Iban is a weapon that you use during combat in the "RuneScape" online video game. However, you must alternate your use of the Staff of Iban to avoid running out of energy. You need to recharge the Staff of Iban whenever you start running low. In the event that this happens, the only opt

List of Games on the Action Replay for Wii

Action Replay Powersaves is an unauthorized peripheral for the Nintendo Wii and other video game platforms that alters the game's programing to give the player game advantages such as unlimited health and other special abilities. The effects of the Action Replay can be unpredictable...

How to Colorblock With Accessories

Colorblocking isn't just about the clothes. By now, we're well into spring 2012 and certainly most wardrobes are bursting with bright hues, ready to fully embrace the color-block trend dominating fashion this season. Not everyone ...

Top Online Slots Manufacturers

Among the dozens of slot machine manufacturers on the internet, there are a few that emerge as the most innovative. Microgaming, Rival and Playtech are just a few of the top online slots developers.

How to Hook up a GameCube to a Portable DVD Player

The process of connecting the GameCube to your portable DVD player is similar to connecting it to your TV. Most portable DVD players include standard AV (audio/video) inputs, allowing you to connect the GameCube or any other game console to the device. On most portable DVD players, the screen will r