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Anne Hathaway Biography

Biography and movie list for actress Anne Hathaway, the star of Princess Diaries, Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables, and Dark Knight Rises.

Tim DeKay Photo - 'Megamind' Premiere

Exclusive photo of Tim DeKay at the premiere of the movie Megamind. Tim DeKay photo from the premiere of Megamind held on October 30, 2010 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

How to Cry on Cue

Learning to cry on cue comes easily to some and takes a world of effort for others. But if you're worried that you have to relive horrible moments of your life just to shed a few tears when the cameras are rolling, don't be. With these few quick tips, you can cry on cue in no time.

Vanessa Angel Photo - 'Hall Pass' Premiere

Exclusive photo of Vanessa Angel at the premiere of the movie Hall Pass. Vanessa Angel picture from the premiere of Hall Pass held on February 23, 2011 in Hollywood, Ca.

Watch Dinner for Schmucks Streaming!

Have you ever been at a dinner party that has that one guest at the table that does nothing but make a fool of themselves and embarrass the person that brought them? Can you imagine ...

DVD: A Revolution in the Movie Viewing Experience

Are you a hooked to movie? Would you like to have your favorite movie played over and over again? Well, this would be a bit too much to expect from the local movie theaters. But ...

About Movie Makeup

If it weren't for makeup, the world of movies and its impact on society would be considerably different. No makeup means no aliens for science fiction movies, and it certainly means that the average-looking stars who have become sex symbols would not be enjoying all the privileges that celebrity bri

Top 8 Worst Movies of 2006

Worst Movies of 2006: Some filmmakers want to make you suffer and call it art. If there's no agony in your own hum drum life, turn to the silver screen and experience pain beyond your wildest belief. Leave the theater with a raging headache and anger against your fellow man. Highlights of the w

The Most Expecting Films at the Cannes Film Festival

Opening up the annual cinema celebration in the French Riviera, the stars of Midnight In Paris just hit the red carpet at their prestigious Cannes Film Festival premiere on Wednesday (May 11). On the