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All The Albums Of The Singer Maksim

The restless producer Konstantin Meladze is again changing the cast of the gutta-percha project “VIA Gra”. This time Tatjyana Kotova – the silent holder of the award 'Miss Russia-2006' – is leaving the collective.

How To Make Hip Hop Beats Like The Pros

You really wanna know how to make hip hop beats that rock like the pros???Well here goes......Back in the day hip hop producers would basically use drum samples from other peoples songs to make their hip hop beats. One of the most sampled artists was James Brown. Artists such as Public Enemy, LL Coo

What Are The Best Cymbals

Without rhythm, there cannot be music. Without cymbals, you do not have rhythm. All drummers aim to produce beats at an optimum level to bring together the desired effect of the rhythm. The best cymba

Acquire A New Skill By Learning Music Online!

There are a number of reasons why you should learn music. Learning music could have been your passion which you were not able to pursue in your childhood or which you could have developed recently. You may want to learn music just because you want to add one more item to your skill set, have thought

Proven Methods to Book Bands for Corporate Events

As soon as your company is hosting an exclusive corporate event, booking bands for corporate events could be a good idea to entertain everyone attending. It allows the staff, management along with other invited guests ...

What is Karaoke?

If you love to sing and dance then karaoke is probably one of the first things to pop into your mind when thinking of ways to entertain friends and families, and even others you may not know. You can drop the stress levels, let your hair down and sing away many an evening forgetting all your trouble

Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona - Ricardo Arjona Performs At Premios Juventud 2009

How to Mix Vocals in a Song

Vocals play a crucial role in the overall feel, intensity and emotion felt in a song. Because of the complexities and differences in every individual human voice, there is no set blueprint for perfectly mixing vocals in a track. Each song will require its own fine tuning; however, there are some def

How to Install Joe Barden Pick Ups in a Telecaster

Joe Barden Telecaster pickups lend a bright, punchy tone to a guitar that retains the classic "tele" twang while eliminating hum transmitted by single coil pickups. Instructions here are for standard series internal wiring for each pickup, with the standard combination of bot

Will Lady Gaga Be the Next Best Thing?

Lady GaGa has become just not only a trendsetter of present day's pop's culture but also in doing street fashion. The most recent year the lady ended up being the popular choice individual with regard to a lot of Italian and French fashion designers during their specific street fashion sho

Music Videos For Free?

Music has become an integral part of our lives. Whatever be the occasion, music can add a different dimension to it. Whether you are driving alone on a long stretch, or partying or even simply relaxing, music can be your perfect partner

How to Install a Strap Peg on an Acoustic Guitar

Many acoustic guitars do not have a second strap peg at the neck end, and therefore a strap cannot be used with them. This can be remedied by measuring and drilling a hole in a suitable place and attaching a strap peg using a screw. Using care to slowly drill and screw the peg in and applying some f

Learning of Guitar Playing

Is the learning of guitar playing possible in a short amount of time? I'll give you the truthful answer to that question.