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Behringer Guitar Information

Behringer is a musical equipment manufacturer originally founded in Germany in 1989. The company produces a wide range of music effects, microphones, amplifiers, instruments, and other audio equipment. Behringer has produced five electric guitar models. One notable feature common to all Behringer gu

Ten Things You Didn't Know About The Beatles

If you feel you may be the greatest Beatles buff in the world, rethink it. Truth be told, you will find pretty insightful details with regards to the mythical music group that you might haven't much read anything about - thus far. This report will reveal to you some of the most stimulating deta

Creative Piano Lessons for the Absolute Beginner

So, you've been thinking about taking piano lessons. And you're a beginner. You probably think you'll begin your piano lessons studies with note-reading and triads. Not if you read this article!

Rock & Roll Feature: Lateralus is the Tool

A review as part of an ongoing series of rock and roll albums featured in the Fifth Column Online Magazine.This month's issue deals with progressive metal band Tool and their album Lateralus.

Beowulf Epic Adventure Comes To Life!

The musical tale is based on the book "Beowulf The Warrior", (Bethlehem Books) by the English author, and master wordsmith Ian Serraillier, with music by Sam Sorensen

Blues Scales Guitar Theory

With a rich history stemming from simply expressed emotion, blues guitar theory is deceptively easy, making the blues one of the easiest musical genres to learn---and one of the hardest to master. Whatever genre you're playing, a basic understanding of musical scales behind the blues will give your

Christian Backing Tracks UK or US?

I am always on the lookout for suppliers with a vast choice of up to date Christian backing tracks so I'm sharing my 'where to find' resources to help anyone who is starting out or looking for just where to source them.

How to Read Music - Easier Than You Ever Thought!

One of the simple joys in life is the ability to read music. Learning this skill will enable you to express yourself creatively at the piano, playing your favorite songs. It's not difficult to learn to read music if you understand its components.

April 27 in Music History

Births, deaths, events, charts, recordings, concerts, and more on April 27 in oldies rock and roll music history. From your Expert at

Joe Nichols

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Video: How to Create Different Pitches with the Didgeridoo

Video Transcript A question that often comes up regarding the didgeridoo is am I stuck with that one note, that fundamental frequency. The answer is basically yes. You pretty much are. That's based on the length of this tube. That's the way the instrument functions. With that said,...

Starting Guitar Lessons

It's actually not always easy to find the correct trainer whenever you're only starting to have guitar lessons. Everyone has their own style and tastes.

Fiddling For Friendship

Music educator and performer Laura Yeh discusses how to discover humanity's richness through music.

Video: Didgeridoo Flutter Tongue Technique

Video Transcript This video is about learning how to play the didgeridoo and I'd like to share a few secrets with you. If you're a beginning didgeridoo player, you've probably noticed a couple of things if you're playing a lot. The corners of your lips are probably a little bit sore...

Learn to Play Guitar Chords - New Concept in Learning to Play Guitar

If you wish to learn to play guitar chords you must stay patient and positive when the lesson begins. This is because at first it might seem like a difficult job to actually remember the chords and how they are supposed to be played. But soon you will get the hang of it and then it will seem quite i

How to Make Columns of Equal Size

Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Open Office Calc rely on cells to store information contained in the spreadsheet. The cells are sorted by rows, which are a horizontal grouping of cells, and columns, which are a vertical grouping of cells. These programs allow you to a

What is a Sound Mixer?

Recorded music is a carefully crafted combination of sounds. To accomplish this, the music studio uses a sound mixer, an electronic device that lets you control the loudness of each individual instrument or singer.