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How to Identify an Import CD

Import music CDs are sometimes more valuable to collectors than CDs released in the United States. Import CDs are most often released in the United Kingdom, France and Japan. Sometimes, they include bonus tracks not found on the standard American release. There are several different ways you can det

What to Expect - A Beginner's Guide to Singing

There are so many individuals who would love to learn how to sing.Of course, we can all sing to a lesser or greater degree but it would be nice to sing at the very least pleasantly.Those who have great talent will be recognized and move on but we all have to start somewhere.

How Pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree Can Lead to a Promising Career in Music

Unbeknownst to most students, pursuing an Associate of Arts degree does not only hone their instrument playing skills, but it can also lead to many opportunities in the music industry. The right music education can give students the practical skills and connections they need to be a step ahead of th

How to Connect a MIDI Keyboard to Laptop PC With a USB

Musical Instrumental Digital Interface (MIDI) allows musicians to have an almost unlimited number of "virtual" musical instruments at their disposal. Using an external MIDI controller--typically in the form of a piano-like keyboard--allows users to control and play a MIDI instrument as if it were a

American idol contestant leads i am enough campaign

Devyn Rush, best known as the singing waitress from season ten of American Idol is leading a campaign to help youth stop that voice in their head that tells them they are 'not good enough.'

How to Play Dm7 on the Ukulele

The ukulele is a unique instrument. Though it is very popular in Hawaii, the ukulele actually originated in Portugal. It was introduced to Hawaiians by the Portuguese when they migrated to Hawaii. Since then, the ukulele has undergone many changes in wood, color and sound.The Dm7 or D minor 7 chord

Superstars of Flamenco Guitar

The Flamenco Guitar music we enjoy today didn't happen spontaneously overnight. It is the culmination of generations of innovation and accomplishment from the Superstars of the Flamenco Guitar.

The Different Compositions of Famous Wedding Songs

Ever attended any wedding ceremony? All of us for sure has a chance to witness a heart warming exchanges of vows of two individuals who promises to love one another for the rest of their lives till death do they part. But then what is this wedding all about? As defined by weddings are

Top Ten Guitarists of all Times

The history of music is full of legendary guitar players who have introduced their own style of playing. Selecting only ten guitarists from a galaxy of stars is quite difficult and is done on the rati

New Music Release - June 22, 2013 - Aritst: Jelixa

Once again the Beta Music artist Jelixa is giving us a taste of her uniqueness and variety. She has a new two song single coming out June 22, 2013, and she hasn't slacked up one ...

The Pros and Cons of Guitar Tube Amps

Guitar tube amps are actually the most common choice of amplifiers among guitarists. They certainly have their upsides as well as their downsides. Overall, these amplifiers have good sound resonance and tend to be able to produce without problems when they are well cared for and understood.

A New Era Had Been Come to the Showbiz-Planet

The new millennium came. Moreover, with his arrival at the place of an old comes new things unknown, which is moving forward and developing at a frantic pace. In showbiz are implemented the more talented ...

The 3 Basic Skill Levels of Making Rap and Hip Hop Beats

While there are levels of skill beyond what I am going to be telling you about, they all involve using tools outside of the computer. I am going to explain the first three level of making beats, which are all based on just using resources on your computer. The only other tool you need is a mic if yo

2008 Grammy Nominees in the World Music Categories

2008 Grammy Awards Nominees in the World Music Categories, including the best traditional world music category, the best contemporary world music category, and the best reggae category.

Alternate Tunings For the Guitar

Ever wonder how your favorite acoustic guitarist gets that full rich sound? It could be he's using an alternate tuning. What is an alternate tuning? Anything from one string changed in pitch, such as dropped D, to the entire guitar tuned to a chord.

How You Can Make Your Own Beat

Hip hop and rap are two very well liked genres of music currently. There are a tremendous amount of musicians popping everywhere you look with hot tunes that cause you to just want to dance and sing along.

Features Of Music Production Programs

When choosing a music production program, there are many aspects to consider. Make sure you choose the music production program that best suits your needs.

Guitar Practice Time

To learn Guitar it is really important to have a good practice time. Nobody gets unlimited amount of time to practice so it becomes important to divide up the most productive segments which is available. You can start with a smaller amount of practice.

The Influence of Jimi

The Influence of Legendary Guitarist, Jimi Hendrix on generations of musicians that have come since.