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Learning A Great Magic Trick - Where To Learn A Trick

How would you like to learn the real secrets of the best magicians? There is a lot out there inthe field of magic -- old books and new, dvds and magic web sites, and on it goes. How do you learn worthwhile magic tricks? How do you distinguish the crud from the true gems?

Reasons To Learn Piano With A Piano Teacher

There are many ways to learn piano including online, through text books, even just by ear. These types of ways tend to be the most common for those who want to self teach. In addition, the other obvious one is to learn through private tuition.

A Garish Game

An analysis of the production and art design for 'Alice in Wonderland' one of the five Academy Award nominees in 2011 for Best Art Direction.

Comedy Hypnotists and Hypnosis

The latest trend in entertainment is to have a comedy hypnotist performing to make your party stand out from the run of the mill kinds. The popularity of this kind of entertainment is growing because of people loving the suspense involved in this form of entertainment. The hypnosis used is powerful

Sampling a Few Magic Tricks From the Kits

The innumerable magic trick kits are attractive to the ones interested in learning tricks more than the common card and coin tricks. As everyone must be aware the cards and the coin tricks are the most popular ones in addition to the other assortments of magic tricks.

Who's visiting 'Wendy' this week?

Find out which guests will be on 'The Wendy Williams Show' this week. Who will be in the lineup? Find out with this weekly guest schedule.

Dancewear Dress Codes Are For the Benefit of the Dancer

A dress code is more than an arbitrary set of restrictions placed upon dancers by the studio. It is actually functionally designed to help dancers focus on their routines and not on what to wear or what everyone else is wearing. The design of garments is also founded in an instructor's need to

How to Do Street Magic - Master Mentalism

You too can do street magic as it involves the mastery of mentalism. Mentalism involves a lot of things that the magician cannot do without. He has to master mentalism to be able to succeed and his get his acts termed extraordinary. It is the very reason why you have to master mentalism to be able t

Magician Tricks - Learn Magic Tricks Using Items From Home - Part 2

This is a Magic Trick I found in one of my many books on magic. It requires no props only a piece of paper with a few letters written on it. The trick itself demonstrates the precision of mathematics but you can use it to impress your friends with your amazing mind reading skills. Remember to perfor

Dynamics of Adult and Kids Model Casting

There are various types of model castings and one of them is adult model casting. There are varied qualification depending on what kind of model one wants to be. One obvious qualification that cuts across all types of models is attraction, either in a typical way or in a unique way.

How to Teach a Melody to Children

Music allows children to explore their creativity, develop skills and increase their understanding of arts and culture. As you help children learn a melody, you're helping them practice good concentration habits and providing them the opportunity to develop their vocal skills.

Actor Auditions

Acting is a very lucrative profession but also one of the most demanding. Before you avail yourself for the auditions, here are some of the things you should expect.

How To Enjoy Opera - Tips For Newbies - What Is An Opera Orchestra

During the Baroque period, orchestras were small. Kristof Gluck, Wolfgang Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven, among others, contributed to the expansion of the standard symphony orchestra. Large opera orchestras came into existence with the advent of the Grand Opera period.

How I Completed Mapping the Humane Genome

I was asked to stand and wave to the crowd, which I did to thunderous applause. I felt a bit conspicuous turning to face the 1000 or so people behind me. When I sat down, I read on the LED that I had just completed mapping the human genome. The audience applauded again as I stood for a final wave.