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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2014

starts with Ishita in her room. Raman concerns the room and turns the door. He discusses her and guides to her. He pauses the silence and asks her to solution truly. He claims you're jealous ...

The Top Movies Of 2011

It takes both effort and wisdom to make a movie. It requires teamwork and co-operation. It needs generous doses of creativity and skill.


Picture of Roberta on The Cleveland Show.

Good Movies To Watch When Bored

If you're bored, I've got a selection of films that will serve as the perfect remedy. Whether you're looking for comical kung-fu or a revenge tale from Quentin Tarantino, this list is perfect for passing away those endless hours.

The Digital Video Revolution - Bringing Out the Auteur in All of Us

Making movies used to be a pursuit available only to film companies and individuals with a lot of financing at their disposal. But with the advent of "digital video", that has all changed. Now anyone with (or without!) an idea can shoot a movie.

Community Television Series

Community is a television sitcom that is based at Greendale Community College. It was created by Don Harmon and airs on NBC, debuting in September 2009. Harmon based the show on the experiences he had while attending Glendale Community College in the northeast of Los Angeles.

80s Miami Vice is 25 Years Old

It's over 25 years since the ground breaking TV show Miami Vice first hit our screens. Remember the clothes, cars and music? Which dress code did you adopt - Crockett or Tubbs? Gold Coast, as ...

Jack Satin As the Lead Character in a 2010 Movie Called Satin

Jack Satin is the lead character in an upcoming 2010 movie called Satin. According to the movie's website, the movie chronicles the experience of Jack Satin, a down-and-out lounge singer. In the movie, Satin attempts to flee his gambling debts in Las Vegas by traveling across the country to Atl

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev

Isaiah's gone, George is an intern again and Meredith meets her half-sister - get a glimpse at the season four cast of Grey's Anatomy.

The Reality behind Reality Shows

The world of reality shows is full of facade and dazzle at one side and very dark and shady at other. Vaughn Alaine-Marshall's √úberstar is the instant portrayal of the chastity and the facts behind th

UFC 130 Jackson vs Hamill Live Stream Free

It absolutely was afterwards launched on May 9 that accidents to be able to every compelled the particular fight being removed the particular minute card. Edgar skilled broken ribs, although Maynard p

Traverse City Film Festival 2011 - Documentary Award Winners

The Traverse City Film Festival, founded by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, presents 35 awards, of which 13 are designated specifically for documentaries. Here's a list of the awards given to documentaries at the 2011 Traverse City Film Festival, held from July 26 to 31, 2011.

How to Watch & Stream Television

One of the greatest advantages of high speed internet is the ability to stream television on your computer at home. This gives you the ability to catch episodes of your favorite TV shows that you may have missed, or that you just enjoyed so much you want to watch them again. The greatest part of all