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Educational Value of Scale Model Kits

Article that discusses the educational relevance of scale model kits as a sub-category of building sets. The main purpose is to present scale model assembly as more than just a hobby.

Tips for Pre-Teen Modeling

Practical tips can be of immense help for preteen modeling. Pre-teens, as the name indicates, are young children. Owing to their premature age, the little boys and girls are not sensible enough to give adequate ...

No Good or Better But Only the Best With Image Retouching Technique

From the time when artists would retouch photos using brush and paint to this age of digital retouching; technology has undergone sea change. But the human mind and it longing for beauty remains unaltered. Does photo retouching take away the credentials of good photography?

What Is Altered Art Jewelry?

What is altered art jewelry? Learn about this fun new way to turn everyday objects into unique, stylish jewelry. Also, instructions on making your first piece of wearable art.

Five Parenting Techniques That Can Help You Build Your Art Business

While talking with a fellow mother the other day, we got to discussing how our experience as parents has prepared us to run a business.So many skills you use to raise children can carry over.Learn how five parenting techniques apply to building a successful art business.

How to Steam Fix Silk Dyes Properly

There are very many sites on the web with tips and hints on how to steam fix pieces of silk that have been painted by hand and there seems to be a lot of confusion as to exactly what is involved. This article is going to take you through the process of how to steam fix silk dyes properly so that you

Western Art - Stippling - Dotting Away to Colors

Stippling is an art of painting, distinguished by its technique, rather than style. It involves the application of paints in the form of dots, rather than being spread over the base.

In Practice - Special 3D Effects

Using Lens Effects Glow: Glow helps diffuse the light immediately around the light source-or at least appear to. You will have to use very subtle values for the Glow effect for it to look proper.

Lighting Options in the 3D World

When deciding how to illuminate your scene, you must consider several points first. If you know the types of materials that you want to use for a scene, then you are one step closer. If not, you should probably determine the types and colors of the materials you intend to use.

Make Your Wedding Videos Better With Professional Help

Wedding cinematography Toronto does not end with taking videos and piecing them together. Wedding cinematography Toronto also involves editing the videos. A wedding cinematographer Toronto does the To

Sneak Peak Into the World of Indian Art

India is predominantly known all across the globe as a country that is home to some mesmerizing art. This is known to showcase a good deal of attractive and appealing characteristics. Each and every individual ...

An Overview of Chinese Art

Among the best features of Chinese art is the way it shows the class structure which has existed in various times throughout the Chinese history. During early times, Chinese art was a way to accept the willpower of God expressed with the help of sacrifices and rituals. Lots of archaic bronze vessels

Art Literally Brought Me Back To A Full Life

Art played an enormous role in the life of Sylvia during her recovery from breast cancer. Encouraged by the Breast Cancer group in her area, she began painting with water colours. Her tutor saw her emerge from a nervous, worried lady to one of serenity and hope. It appeared as though healing and hap

Past and Present of Charleston, South Carolina's Fine Art Market

Charleston, South Carolina, has been named among the top 10 art destinations in the United States by AmericanStyle Magazine. Charleston is well-know for performing arts (Spoleto festival) and art galleries that offer an amazing variety of fine art from works of fine art dating back to 19 and 20 cent