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Artists - How to Spot a (Potentially) Bad Customer

The point of this article is to attempt to highlight some of the traits that may signal a bad customer. The following hints are by no means fool proof, but merely good indicators of potentially disingenuous clients.

Cindy Sherman - An Interesting Persona, Reality Personified!

American artist, Cindy Sherman was born in 1954 in Glenn Ridge, New Jersey, USA. Unlike conventional artists who dabble in many artworks before claiming international fame, Sherman used a very unusual technique. She acted as a model and projected herself in ways that sent out a strong message about

A Few Features of Black Paintings

If you are an art enthusiast and searching for authentic theme of painting, you can certainly consider black paintings. These types of paintings came to life after fourteen art pieces designed by Francisco Goya found ...

Top Industries to Market Your Vehicle Wraps

If your starting out or what to learn the vehicle wrap business, you're going to need to find work. This article outline key industries which actively use vehicle wraps in their marketing efforts. After you have equipment and the training, read this article to find out where to look for the bes

Art Deco Pottery - A User's Guide to Types and Style, Part I

Over the course of history, artisans have utilized three main types of pottery. In this two-part article, I hope to arm collectors and potential pottery vase aficionados with simple information to use when shopping for these unique pieces, beginning first with general facts and continuing with aesth

Know Your Desktop Publishing Lingo

Working with a desktop publishing company can save you lots of time and money plus give your business a more professional image. Here are some terms you might want to know...

The Diverse Mexican Art and Craft Tradition

Mexico is a diverse country. Its history is divided into both Pre-Hispanic and Hispanic periods. The Pre-Hispanic period consisted of cultures that existed before the invasion of Europeans. The latter was when the Europeans invaded Mexico (which was about 500 years back).

Bookmark Designs

Creating bookmarks are easy to do and a fun crafty project as well that you can do with friends and children. The easiest and most efficient way to create bookmarks is to utilize a bookmark template. That way you do not have to spend a lot of time in the designing phase.

3D Product Rendering

If you have ever worked for an organization that manufactures mechanical products, electrical or medical instruments, household items or any other products, you would be aware of the importance of design for a successfully selling product in market. In case of a new product, the process of manufactu

Benefits of Graphics for Golf GPS Apps

A Golf GPS device finds out how far a golfer is to the green or different other golfing points. These golf devices have in-built GPS capacities with detailed data on golf courses. To golfers, a Golf G

How Corporate Video Production Services Work

In an age that sees so many innovations every day, so many new pieces of technology - the methods of communication are changing all the time. But video remains one of the most well used and most popular methods of communicating with all kinds of audiences, from individual clients to corporate invest

Wedding Photographers Melbourne Telling You a Story

A big event is never complete without the physical representation of the memories that one will have. It is how one will remember an event; how it will leave an imprint in their minds. However, ...

Why Love Landscape Paintings?

Landscape paintings are beautiful works of art that help you to appreciate the joy of nature without ever having to leave you home. Not everybody is able to go to the wonderful places that are depicted on these paintings nor are they able to live near them.

Photography Graphics – Playing with graphic Visuals!

€Living a life through the viewfinder lets you see more than you can perceive, it broadens the horizon, enhancing ones imagination and revealing the world in a dazzling array of colours€. A picture speaks a ...

How to Get Best 360 Degree Photography Services Online

The demand in everyday life of modern people has changed greatly than earlier days. In these days, not only the scope of getting diverse types of useful services is possible for everyone, but the services ...

4 Tips for Painting Abstracts

How to get started creating your own abstract art work with these 4 basic tips. As an artist you will develop your own style and with it convey your own perspectives with abstract imagery.

Getting a tattoo, will this hurt?

Can it hurt? This is actually the 1st query with this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS simply because it's usually the primary query men and women question. The solution is definitely yes. Having tiny needles pierce the ...