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Barack's Abilities on the Podium

When we first heard Barack Obama in his prepared speeches, we were all enthralled with his wonderful delivery - truly wonderful; however, in recent weeks, many are discovering something about this presidential candidate.His ability to read a monitor with a prepared script is excellent:his ability to

How to Write a Paper in Argument Form

According to Purdue University, "[t]he argumentative essay is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic, collect, generate, and evaluate evidence, and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner." The goal of an argumentative paper is to provide researched facts i

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken? Not When it Comes to Grant Writing!

We all have probably heard the old adage that rules are meant to be broken. However this saying definitely does not hold true when it comes to the world of grant writing. In fact, many funders say the number one reason that many grant proposals are rejected is because grant writers do not provide ex

Drug Substance Abuse Treatment And Care

Some folks are able to take recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing harmful consequences or addiction. For so many other people, using drugs prescription or otherwise can cause problems at your job, your home life, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling remote, powerl

Thrust away These Copywriting Mistakes Today

Ask most marketers and they'll tell you that copywriting is difficult, but that's not exactly the truth. Of course it's always helpful to have some knowledge of copywriting

Maintaining Article Integrity

Writing top quality, original articles begins with you. Some "writers" are falling into schemes that smack of plagiarism and are diminishing the writing industry. How about you? Are you doing your part to maintain article integrity?

How to Write an Article Review in APA Style

Use APA (American Psychological Association) style guidelines when you are reviewing articles for academic and social sciences research papers. Following a standard style creates consistency for works in the same discipline. Providing APA-style references allows readers to locate your sources. Artic

Canada book: Richard Ford, 1408815168, 9781408815168

In 1956, Dell Parsons' family came to a stop in Great Falls, Montana, the way many military families did after the war. His father, Bev, was a talkative airman from Alabama with an optimistic

What Is an Argumentative Thesis?

An argumentative thesis statement sets the tone for an argumentative paper, which uses evidence to make a claim about a specific topic. This type of thesis statement is based upon logical reasoning and is arguable. The writer aims to convince the reader about a debatable topic by constructing the th

Character Motivation - Always Ask WHY

If your characters start making out-of-character decisions or act in bizarre ways, simply to satisfy your planned plot twists, your reader is likely to sense what is going on. What happens then? Best case scenario: the reader's enjoyment has been lessened. Worst case scenario: the reader tosses

Good Subjects for Writing

For clear and accurate writing that engages your reader and communicates your message, choose subjects that can perform the action in the sentence. Think carefully about your subjects and choose the right one.

Do You Desire To Buy Producton Qxbid

QxBid acuity undetectable , or would you choose qxbid auctions with pictures? do hurried or incomplete descriptions order you off?

What Is Duplicate Content? (And The One Thing I Do to AVOID It At All Costs)

What is duplicate content? Is there a penalty for publishing the same content on multiple sites? Will I lose my ranking.....or search engine trust if I have the same article on multiple occasions, either on my OWN sites, or those that I publish content for? The truth is, duplicate content is one of

Discounted Oakley Sunglasses In Our Store

Founded by James in Florence, The house of Oakley is better known as Oakley to others. Through its worldwide chain of fashion stores Oakley is established as premier fashion label the world over. A pioneer in the field of luxury fashion, Oakley has a wide range of accessories and apparels for both

How to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act, intentional and unintentional, of using someone else's words or ideas without acknowledgement. Because it is a serious offense, those who do it often face severe consequences, such as school expulsion, employment termination, civil litigation and class failure. Writing a well-

Best Article Marketing Tips - The Ones You Need to Know

Below are some of the most compelling article marketing tips that are proven to work. Make use of them so you can finally get the kind of results you're hoping for. Always use creative, catchy titles.

How to Develop Your Own System For Writing Productivity

Being a more productive writer isn't easy. For most of us, there's a very real upper limit to how much writing we can produce in a given amount of time. However, there are ways you can optimize your work process such that you can hit that upper limit on a more consistent basis.