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Leading the Way in Conservation

Many people are aware of at least some of the dangers faced by the environment these days, whether they care or not. While saving the rainforests might not seem like a pressing issue to some people in their day to day lives, dedicating some time and attention to the conservation of the ocean's

Sustainable Architecture - A Building Block in the Right Direction

Sustainable architecture applies techniques of sustainable design to architecture. It is related to 'green buildings', buildings designed with environmental goals in mind.In general, sustainable architecture, seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing ene

China Facing American-Style Pollution Problems

One might have hoped that China would have learned some lessons about pollution by watching America's expansion problems over the decades, but China's explosive growth has brought its industrial pollution problem to a level that will require some drastic steps to fix. That's the bad n

Fabien Cousteau

The Earth's living space is 99% water. 97% of our biodiversity is in the water. We couldn't live without it. Yet, we are hardly doing anything to protect it. Fabien Cousteau has learned to love the water way back as a child, in his adventures with his grandfather and father. Thanks to them

What Is Earth Day?

Even though it's been around since the 1970's many people really do not know anything about Earth Day.They have no idea what Earth Day is or through it how many accomplishments we have made to make our world a better and safer place for all of us to live.

Climate Change - The Risk of Getting it Wrong

In the current debate on climate change, one of the frequent questions posed by climate change skeptics to those advocating action against climate change is "What if it turns out you are wrong?" In this article I will address this question and will also pose the same question back to clima

China's Nuclear Submarines Interfering With Mammalian Sea Life

The Chinese have a few old Russian Nuclear Submarines, most all military analysts laugh about this, because the Russians truly sold the Chinese a bunch of floating junk. Worse, these Russian submarines are a maintenance nightmare, and they make noise underwater that seriously harms mammalian sea lif

Make an Impact - But Not on the Environment

An examination of the steps even the smallest businesses can take in order to help prevent their impact on the environment. The more affordable side of sustainable sourced materials.

Dealing With the Potentially Devastating Effects of Water Pollution

Have you ever thought about what you're actually doing when you run that chemical bathtub cleaner down your drain? The far-reaching effects of that one small action, when coupled with the similar actions of millions of other people worldwide, can help create water pollution that even the latest

Challenges Faced By Australian Farm Hobbyist

Weather in Victoria is often windy and changeable. Without windbreaks plants will quickly be damaged. Most of southern Australia has had below average rainfall and it is necessary to establish an effective water harvesting system. Lastly, the farmer must put in place effective control measures

The Tension Between Climate Change and Development

There is little doubt that our planet's climate is undergoing massive changes. Further exacerbating this problem is the increasing development of second and third world countries, for as they become more profitable, greenhouse gas emissions inevitably increase.

Going Green! What Does it Really Mean?

You hear a lot of talk about saving the environment in the news, on talk shows and just about everywhere you turn these days. Terms like "green friendly", "green energy" and "green technology" are often used among others. What do these "green" terms really mea

How to Go Green With Eco Friendly Products

The "go green" movement isn't just a fad that is going away in a couple of years. Going green is the progressive way of thinking and living because our environment is in bad shape, and it's getting worse. The best way to begin living in a more eco friendly manner is by using eco

Why Are Plastic Bags So Harmful to Our Environment?

The environment on earth is a highly sensitive eco-system, and so many man-made objects can throw it out of balance and cause long lasting harm and damage. One such man-made material is plastic, and so the question lies: why are plastic bags so harmful to our environment?

Different Ways to Recycle

One of the most fundamental things we can do to help the environment and be as eco-friendly as we can is to recycle. Recycling makes a direct impact on the world around us as it reduces the amount of waste that builds up on ever-increasing landfill sites and costs in both energy and money to transpo

Incorporating Green Building Management

We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our buildings and structures have on the environment. Because of this, our way of constructing and managing buildings and properties has advanced. Green building is the practice of using energy efficient materials to construct a sustainable structure

Why We Need Alternate Energy

Have you ever thought about "why we need alternate energy"? With recent disasters, oil spills, and the constant assault on our atmosphere from power plant emissions, it is know wonder we need to look else where for energy sources. The recent earthquake in Japan has made us really take a ha