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Does He Really Love Me: Signs He Is Really Into You

Do I have a place in his heart? Does he really love me? Are his sweet and caring gestures true? Is he really the guy for me? Are these anxious questions going through your head? If yes, then you are not alone!

How Cheating Husbands Get Away With Fooling You

You're an intelligent woman. You pay attention. You notice the world around you, especially your own little corner of it. You know when something is wrong, don't you?

Divorce - Difficulty Dealing With Conflict

A Hindu marriage is a sacrament and not a contract. It is a social permission given to a man and a woman for a stable relationship and to live as husband and wife. The Hindu Marriage lays emphasis on

How to Manage Stress in Marriage

You should never let stress to affect your marriage. It will destroy your confidence and end up ruining your marriage. You should always work every day to control stress before it ruins your marriage.

Love Quotes For Him

The point when enamored the yearning to let you know cherished, exactly how much you think about them and affection them is something that any individual who has been enamored can identify with. With such ...

Have-To Versus Want-To

Watch how often you use the words "have-to" and "want-to" when talking with your spouse. When you say you have to do something, do you really have to do it, or is it something you want to do?

Marital Secrets - 7 Reasons We Keep Them

Matt has an online relationship with a woman from another state. It isn't anything serious, so why worry his wife? Katie has been hiding her spending sprees from her husband that has put them into serious financial debt.

Marriage Therapy - Learn to Survive the Spark

It is only the moment when couple started to admit that there is actually wrong in their relationship when the necessary marriage therapy can be obtained. Marriage is a delicate balance that should be upheld all the times. Once the right balance is destroyed, it is likely for problems to come into t

Relationship Advice to Overcome Trust Issues

Electronics age has caused more and more couples to experience trust issues at least one time or another. Find the best relationship advice and tips in order to overcome trust issues in love and relat

Lady Gaga's Love Song Preference

Folks have different views when it comes to love and relationship but if there is one thing that remains true, every person requires it. Some say that love comes into your life when you are not expecting it but the reality is that lots of individuals have realized that romance finds them when they a

The Right Age to Be Married

I am challenged by young men in their early twenties, who are in the army. These men are independent, can make sound decisions and are often entrusted with very expensive firearms. Why then should some parents feel that their twenty five year olds are too young to marry?

Love Is A Pattern

Many of the behaviors and actions you exhibit in relationships are developed when you're still a child, which means you attract people and situations based a pattern of love, rather than as defined by you or your spirit. Unless taught otherwise, we seek the same dynamics that we observed in our