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Keep Him Loving You - Avoid These Mistakes

Do you know how to keep him loving you? Are you sure that you are avoiding the mistakes that will have him running away? Are you ready to make sure that you don't push him away?

Fabulous Party Platters for a Reception at Home

If the parents of the bride or groom have a large home and love to entertain, a reception at their home would be cozy and appropriate. This would work especially well after a small wedding, ...

Divorce and Kids - What is the Impact?

Divorce affects everyone and the outcome can sometimes be devastating. Though divorce is generally an issue surrounding the adults, children often times feel the negative effects of a divorce just as much as, if not more than, their parents. Knowing what to expect with divorce and kids when they are

Relationships and Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is a concept that many people find difficult. They think that just giving gifts is enough to satisfy people who are ruled by this love secret. The fact is that people who thrive on thoughtfulness do not care as much about the gift itself.

Is The Any Way Of Winning My Wife Back?

Many people that suffer through a break up won't even try to win their ex back. They may feel that their ex will just hurt them more by not talking to them. More often, though, they don&#

How Does a Teenager Spell Love?

The word Love has been over used. And over the years due to culture and trends it has become a by word, So sad yet so real, So how do we spell love? I believe the answer lies in our next question. HOW DOES TEENAGERS SPELL LOVE.

Perfect Partner VS. Saber Tooth Tiger

What does a saber tooth tiger have to do with finding a perfect life partner you might ask? Plenty! Because the little known part of your brain that developed to look for one can help you find the other.

How to Keep a Happy Marriage - The Art of Forgiving

Marriage is not an easy commitment. Unlike dating, marriage involves greater responsibility as you are building a family. Breaking up is no longer an easy shortcut when things go sour with your partner. As couples get more and more comfortable with each other, mistakes and imperfections become more

Romancing the Stone - Your Husband

Couples who have been married for a long time can have issues trying to keep the spark in their marriage. Routines have been in place for so long, the "newness" of the relationship can seem lost forever. If you feel that your relationship is stale and lacks pizazz, there are some things yo

Can a Wife Get a Mortgage Without a Husband?

You might qualify for an affordable mortgage loan, even if your husband has recently lost his job. The Fair Housing Act prohibits a mortgage lender from requiring an applicant to include her husband on a mortgage loan. In fact, lenders must not discriminate against any applicant for reasons, such as

How To Win A Girl Back On Your Own Terms

At some point in time, all men have to go through the pain of breaking up with their girlfriend. This can be very painful, and can cause a real trauma that can affect a man ...

How Do Child Support Laws Safeguard Children

At their root, child support laws are constructed to ensure that responsible parties financially support the upbringing of their dependent children. This can be influenced by many factors; such as the establishment of responsible parties and how much they should pay, how much time they spend with th