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Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation Style

Wedding invitations serve as an announcement to friends and family members and also welcome them to the union of two people. These days there are an almost unlimited amount of designs and themes you can ...

How to Stage an Event

Staging an event is quite an undertaking. Venues, money and permits are only a few of the many things you will need to consider. However, staging an event is within your reach. With the proper planning and organization, you can stage a successful event that will stand out in your guests' memories fo

How to Print Professional Candy Wrappers

Creating your own candy labels can allow you to add personalization and a creative and professional-looking touch to candy bar party favors. Customize your candy wrappers for a wedding, anniversary, graduation or special birthday. Add your name, date and special message. Add a picture of the person

A Cheap Wedding Dress - Not a Bad Idea For Your Wedding

Tradition states that weddings are expensive. Fortunately, tradition is not always correct. Whether you are the bride, the groom, or the couple's parents, you will be glad to know that planning a wedding does not need to cost a fortune. In today's economy, especially, planning a wedding on

Ideal Beach Wedding Gowns Online For Beach Brides

Mainly because they can be typically not elegant and elaborate wedding dresses, you may normally go straight towards the store and obtain the one particular you need............

An Elegant Evening Wedding

There is nothing quite like an evening wedding for style and glamor. Once the sun sets, and the stars come out, everyone loves to dress up and have a great time. Here is your guide to planning an elegant evening wedding.

Wedding Dress Trends For 2010

Each new season brings brand new show stopping wedding dresses for Brides to choose from. 2010 will see many exquisite trends that ooze luxury and glamour. Here are a few key trends to look out for when you are shopping for the wedding dress of your dreams.

Conflict Free Diamonds

While the atrocious conflict in Sierra Leone in the 1990s was the reason the world took notice of conflict diamonds, since then various governments, the UN, the diamond industry, and a number of eminent NGOs have taken far-reaching measures to ensure that such diamonds do not enter the legitimate di

Ideas for Pop Star Fancy Dress Costumes

Pop star costumescostume fancy dress party on manikin. image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comMany people emulate famous pop stars by dressing up to look like them. Whether you want a costume for Halloween or you are going to be performing a skit or attending a costume party, you can make your...

Decorating With Sap Buckets for a Wedding

Even if you’ve never stepped onto a maple syrup farm, using rustic, worn sap buckets can give your wedding a homey feeling at a low cost. Sap buckets are ideal for making a variety of decorations, because they’re generally coated with a rust-proof coating that make even decades-old bucke

Tips for Choosing Your Spring Wedding Colors

Between the beautiful budding flowers and brighter days, spring is a great time to plan a wedding and the fresh, delicate colors of the season translate wonderfully to wedding attire and dcor. Be sure to ...

Game Ideas for a 12-Year-Old's Beach Theme Party

Plan your child's 12th birthday on the beach or at least have a beach party if you cannot have the party on an actual beach. Play games with the party guests that give them the beach feeling. There are plenty of traditional party games that you can alter to a beach theme that are...

Catholic Destination Wedding: Can it be Done?

Is it really possible to have a Catholic destination wedding?Of course you can!You've probably assumed, or been told, that there was no way for it to be done.That your Catholic wedding needs to take p

Wedding Bouquets

Did you know that the humble beginnings of the wedding bouquet were garlands made of herbs? It is true, each herb ad flower suggest its own special meaning.

Why Destin, Florida Is an Incredible Spot to Have a Destination Wedding

For numerous couples, the thought of having a sunny coastal wedding sounds delightful. After all, saying "I do" and celebrating everlasting togetherness on a flawless, powder white sand beach surrounded with gentle warm breezes & relaxing sounds from the waves coasting onto shore is pretty

Places to Have a Small, Elegant Wedding

Having a small wedding has some advantages. Small weddings do not require as much space a large ones. This will allow you to utilize some unique ideas for your wedding location. A small wedding can be lovely, even elegant if you plan and utilize the venue's special background. Plus,...