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Dinner and Dance Ideas for Senior Citizens

A dinner dance is a great idea for a group of senior citizens to get together, have fun and socialize. Depending on the occasion, it can be a great time to meet new people or reminisce with old friends. Try some dinner-dance themes that suit this age group well, and make the evening...

Finding the Right Reception Centre

When you are thinking of holding an event the first thing that comes to mind is the reception centre. It is important to book the venue well in advance to ensure that you do not ...

Finding The Appropriate Wedding Disc Jockey

Let us see some of the additional options available for producing your bash a success. The following is part two of how to pick the best disc jockey for your get-with each other. Single unit ...

Problems With Wedding Planning and Solving Them

So many things can happen while wedding planning and while you are preparing for your big day, you may even be engaged in difficult situations. Keep in mind that these situations are all normal to ...

What Foods to Serve at a Kids Pool Party

When you're having a kid's pool party there are a few food items that they will flock to (and others that they will turn their noses up at). You can go with the traditional items, or try a healthy dish that will pique their interest.

Top 5 Castles for Wedding in Scotland

Getting married in a castle can be an experience of the lifetime and Scotland is well known for its ancient history associated with the kings, queens, and their castle. Out of the hundreds of castle t

Wedding Engraving

A wedding is such a special occasion that it is only natural to want to find a way to create lasting memories of it. One great idea is to have pieces engraved; you can personalize everything from the wedding bands to the bridesmaid gifts to wedding presents. Here are some ideas on the things that yo

How to Create a Samba Dancer Costume

A samba dance costume, whether for Halloween, a costume party or for a samba dance performance, is typically a somewhat risque ensemble. The samba attire is also known for bright colors and extravagant glitz. Sequins, rhinestones and fringe are common elements of a samba dancer costume. The costume

The Benefits of Customizing a Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Being able customize a bridal shower gift basket is the perfect way to give the perfect gift, but you may be unable to do so.Not all gift basket companies allow the customization of their products.While you may not necessarily be able to customize a bridal shower gift basket, you may be able to orde

How to Bustle a Train

After the wedding ceremony concludes, most brides find that dragging a long train around during the reception is not only inconvenient but also subjects the train to undue damage when others tread on it. Therefore, bustling the gown's train after the ceremony is the best solution. The two most commo

Can You Avoid These Wedding Goof-Ups?

It is that time of your life when you are about to enter into holy matrimony. Whether you have convinced your parents that your find will be the best spouse or whether your parents have decided that someone is going to be your best spouse, a wedding always has to be planned right. Everyone involved

Italian Restaurants in Flagstaff, Arizona

The San Francisco Peaks offer hiking opportunities just north of Flagstaff.Flagstaff Fall image by dbp613 from Fotolia.comFlagstaff, Arizona, features a variety of Italian dining options, which can whet your appetite after skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl or hiking in the San Francisco...

Places to Have a Wedding in Cullman County, Alabama

Cullman County, Alabama, offers wedding ceremony and reception venues less than an hour north of Birmingham. Most of the county's wedding venues are in the county's largest city and county seat, the city of Cullman. But the city isn't the only place to have a wedding. In the western part of the coun

Gala Ideas for Women

A gala is typically a "signature" event, one which is larger than a regular party. Many groups and organizations host a gala to either kick off the start of a season or to end the year. Attendees might be treated to dancing, dinner or both. Some hosts use the lavish affair to raise money for charita

Bridal Shoes - Heel Or No Heel?

There will be a lot of photos taken on the day, remember, and you want the photos, which are going to help you to remember your day in years to come, to look the best they possibly can. You don't want to look like your groom's little sister.

Wedding Table Ideas to Make Your Reception Extra Special

A major element of your wedding reception are the banquet tables. You will wantthese to be decorated so they look nice. Small features like table decor can make a huge impact on the general look of your wedding reception, so it's vital to choose suitably. A lot of neat ideas for your wedding ta

Bridal Jewelry: Pearl Bracelets for Brides

Brides plan for their weddings since they are little girls and this SHOULD always become a reality to every little girl because they deserve it! From the invitations to the flowers, and from the groom

17th-Century Wedding Outfits

The fashions of the 17th-century Restoration Period were elaborate and over the top, and weddings were no exception. Men and women alike dressed in layers of rich, colorful fabrics, like walking pieces of art. Many of the wedding gowns of the day had the flowing fullness of a quintessential princes

Wedding Photography - Sweet Memories For A Lifetime

A wedding is a celebration of a lifetime and it brings along with it sweet memories and lot of happiness. It is one thing which a couple and their families cherish for an entire life. Find some great information about Wedding Photography.