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How to Wash Shrink-to-Fit Levis

Levi's Shrink-to-Fit jeans are capable of providing you with a more natural, custom-tailored fit compared with other presized jeans. However, the initial two or three washings must be performed according to the washing instructions on the tag of your pair of jeans to get the best fit possible. When

6 Myths About Flat Shoes

Think women's flats are safe, boring, and frumpy? You're about to see them in a whole new light.

How to Remove Body Hair by Rubbing

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a painful and time consuming process. Almost any option you have for hair removal has a major downside. Shaving often requires daily maintenance, waxing causes much discomfort, hair removal creams don't always work as well as you hoped and laser hair removal is ex

Do You Want Longer Eyelashes?

To have longer eyelashes naturally and to be able to maintain their length is certainly possible. The primary role of the eyelash is to protect the eye from small particles such as dust and the longer they are the more effective. But every woman knows that longer eyelashes also added to their beauty

Knitting a Stole Scarf With Beading

Knitting beads into your stole or scarf gives the scarf extra personality. Tiny beads a few shades lighter than your yarn will twinkle and look elegant. Larger beads, darker than your yarn or a contrasting color, add a more rustic or ethnic look to your scarf or stole. A huge variety of beads are av

Fifties Makeup Styles

Fifties makeup styles were largely influenced by the movie stars of the day. Big screens showed close-ups of famous faces with no blemishes, causing a demand for makeup that could hide imperfections. Foundation was worn every day, combined with natural eye tones and light mascara and lips. Blush was

How to Change Lenses to Spy Sunglasses

Spy is a brand of sunglasses. Like all other models of sunglasses, they are replaceable. Also, as long as you have a set of frames that can fit the Spy brand, you can replace your current lenses with Spy lenses. Replacement Spy lenses are available for the Diablo, Mach 2, and HSX models. They can be

How To Find Pedicure Spa Chairs For Sale

If you are about to start a business in the spa or beauty industries, you will need to find some pedicure spa chairs for sale. However, it can be difficult to find the right chairs at the right prices. Fortunately, this article can help.

How to Match Eye Makeup and Hair Color

If you have changed the color of your hair, this may mandate a change in your eye makeup palette. A different color hair can make your complexion look different. Perhaps you have gone from being a brunette to a redhead. The eye makeup that you previously wore may not look as good or be as complement

Paris Hilton' s Sleek Sedu Hairstyles

Paris Hilton has some of the most elegant Sedu hairstyles. You can view her photos on various places on the Internet. One of those places would be at Beauty

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Young Men

Hair loss is not a problem exclusive to older men. Young men can find themselves losing their hair before they thought they would. If you see your hairline beginning to receded before its time, or if you just want to ensure you hang onto your hair as long as possible, it is important to be proactive

How to Make a Rapunzel Hat

Little girls love dressing up as princesses. Whether a child is playing dress up or is dressing up for Halloween, princess costumes, like Rapunzel, are popular. Making a Rapunzel hat or cone hat is a fast, simple and inexpensive project. These hats are a must for any princess costume. Each hat costs

The Advantages of Wearing Silicone Breast Forms

For women who just had surgery on their breasts because of breast cancer or because of some other ailment, silicone breast forms prove to be good in making them get back their favourable body image."/

Malaysian Hair Weaving Techniques

Malaysian hair weaving is unique in its approach. It is virtually undetectable. In order to execute this technique properly, it is best to purchase Malaysian textured hair in bulk, meaning non-traditional tracked hair. If you have purchased tracked hair, simply cut the tracks off and continue with r

Label M Sophisticated Hair Care for the Modern World

Every single hair care product in the Label M 4C range comes with a unique mixture of delicate cleansing agents, in addition to, items that specifically aid a hair aspect, in example arid locks or dye