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How to Make Nail Polish Apply Smoothly

No beauty faux pas is worse than clumpy nail polish that dries unevenly on your nails. Properly prepare your nails and nail polish for flawless application. When you shake hands with someone, you want them to notice your well-groomed fingers, not thick, clumpy polish that looks hastily applied. Whet

How to Sugar Legs

Sugaring is an inexpensive way to remove body hair using all natural ingredients. Using sugar, lemons and cloth strips, you can make your skin silky smooth for weeks. Since it adheres only to hair rather than skin, it's much less painful than waxing and is easily cleaned up with water. Here's how to

Amazing Ways To Deflate Puffy Eyes

Eye puffiness can surely ruin your day. But before you decide to apply a concealer or wear sunglasses the whole day, there are quick-fix measures that can reduce the puffiness within a few minutes.

Real True Beauty

Every day young girls and women are bombarded with unrealistic media representations of women. Advertisements, Miss America contests, television shows, and movies are all responsible for the low self esteem that many women are facing today. In media, 'beautiful' women are depicted as being

How to Wear Shawls

Shawls are versatile, stylish cool weather accessories. Shawls are wider than a scarf but have a similar length. Shawls are made in a variety of fabrics, from polyester blends to silk, making them good for many different occasions. Although shawls are functional in that they protect the wearer from

Short Celebrity Haircuts

Fashion trends have been moving constantly with the change in hairstyles of stars, models and other celebrities. The latest trend in hairstyles comes from the movies and TV shows.

Eyebrow Tattooing - 3 Amazing Reasons To Choose This Unrivaled Technique!

Have you been considering getting eyebrow tattooing but do not know the reasons why you should get it? Well, you will need to stay tuned for this article, we are going to go over some of the most compelling reasons why you should choose eyebrow tattooing and how it has been an answer to a ton of pra

Supplies for Making Handbags

Handbags vary in size and color.handbags image by Bionic Media from"A great bag starts with a great design," states Valerie Shrader in her book "Hip Handbags." Purses and handbags are not only a functional accessory, they can help complete an outfit and make a look dressed up...

Manicure Tips

Getting a manicure these days seems to be common practice for a lot of people.Some men do receive regular manicures; however, it seems that is type of pampering is usually dominated by women.I went to the nail salon this morning and was amazed at how many women were there.There were mother daughter

Marcia Cross

It's the night when stars come out to honor one another: the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Lucky for us the red carpet fashion was definitely sizzling! Who were the best dressed stars at the SAG Awards? Click here to find out!

Hair Extensions - Add Style to Your Hair

Most of the people around the world are starting new decisions in this New Year. Some of them are trying to lose weight and some of them are saying good bye to smoking, and drinking. Many people are trying to boost their job opportunities by adding some additional qualifications. However, if you wan

How Do You Choose the Best Facial For Your Skin?

With so many skin treatment options available today, how do you choose the best solution to meet your needs? Can't get ahead of your acne problem? Do you have a ruddy complexion that needs a lift? How about getting rid of wrinkles without injections? Read on to match the right solution for your

Hair Care Products For Swimmers

It is very easy to get a dry scalp and weak hair from the long exposure to the chemicals and water while swimming. There are hair care products for swimmers which should help combat the damage done. They are designed to retain the normal color of the hair and add moisture lost from the hair.

How Can I Buy Orla Kiely Fabric Samples?

Orla Kiely is a UK-based fashion design company that sells its products worldwide. It is known for its vintage and nostalgic prints, used on clothing, accessories and house ware. If you are looking to get your hands on some of the company's fabric samples in order to create your own vintage-inspired

What Is the Durability of Bamboo Fabric?

Bamboo is a grass found all over the world that produces tall, strong poles. Bamboo fabric is made from the fibers of bamboo shoots that have matured at least four years. These shoots, when mature, prove strong and versatile. The resulting fabric is not only durable, but also soft, absorbent and ant