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Pediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

Childhood diabetes is not always avoidable and is a serious disease at any age. Pediatric and adolescent diabetes can cause severe problems throughout the body without proper diagnosis and treatment. Loss of eyesight and impaired blood circulation are two of the most serious complications of this no

How to Use the Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a way to tell slower-acting "good carbs" from faster "bad carbs." Use it to fine-tune your carb-counting and steady your blood sugar.

Diabetes - Is There a Cure?

Diabetes is a state wherein the human body failed to utilize glucose properly. Therefore, the quantity of glucose found in the human blood stream is extremely high. This is happen because the pancreas fails to produce not enough insulin or no insulin production at all. Insulin is responsible for hel

The Best Diet For Diabetes Review

Diabetics should follow a well-balanced and low-fat diet. Their diets could be saved in check by eating regular meals, controlling weight, with plenty of exercise. Individuals with type 1 diabetes should consume carbohydrates relating to the amount of insulin they are prescribed. Type 2 diabetes Mel

Diabetic Foot Ulcers Cut Quality of Life

People with diabetes who develop foot ulcers suffer more than experts previously realized. The condition may lower quality of life as much as having a foot amputated, according to a study released today at the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society's annual summer meeting.

Avoid Diabetes and Obesity With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes is a serious condition which can lead to all sorts of health problems. Unfortunately the number of cases is increasing at an alarming rate (especially amongst people who are overweight. Fortunately though it can be avoided. Simple lifestyle changes can be made which will make weight-loss ea

No-Cost Glucose Meter - Ways to Get a Free Glucose Monitor

As a diabetic, there are many worries. You worry about your impending health, and the pain of testing. One less worry you should have on your plate, is how to afford your glucose meter. There are several ways to receive one. If you have Medicare, then most companies will provide you with one free of

Skin Problem Or Diabetes Warning?

People know that diabetes can cause complications like heart or kidney problems. What many people don't know is that diabetes can also cause skin infections.

Type 2 Diabetes - Some Misconceptions

There are many people out there, who with the best of intentions, will give all sorts of uninformed advice about your type 2 diabetes. This article attempts to cut through some of the misconceptions.

The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

Many diabetics do not understand the importance of the care of their feet and how that care can affect their health. Since people with diabetes have a tendency to have foot problems, it is vital that they inspect and look after their feet on a daily basis. If you are a diabetic, it is never consider