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How Vegans Get Protein

Vegetarians typically get bombarded with questions about their protein consumption. It seems the general populous believes only meat can deliver the high quality protein essential to our survival. This however, is not true; vegetarians also have ways of consuming the necessary protein.

Diet Color For You

You're totally burn out? That's right in our overworked, underplayed, sleep-deprived, on-the-go society our best chance to survive is by maintaining a healthy immune system and a sharp mind.

Do it Yourself Medifast

I write a lot about my experiences on Medifast. The other day, someone visited my blog and asked if it was possible to replicate Medifast yourself or to come up with some sort of "do it yourself" alternative. I'll answer this question in the following article.

Should You Start a Sugar Fast Diet?

If you've been diagnosed with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, you know that cutting the sugar in your diet can really improve your health. But you don't need a diagnosis to benefit from a sugar fast diet.

How Top Fad Diets Are Contributing to Our Obesity

Forget about eating fast food and only blaming obesity on the extra large french fries and other unhealthy, greasy, fat-laden foods.Top fad diets are just as bad for you, and here's how they fool and trick people into jumping in and out of them over and over!

Medifast Reviews - Diet Meals at Your Doorsteps

Those who would want to try the wonders of this diet regimen need not go out of the confines of their home. They can order online or call several distributors in their area. Food, menu and supplements will be delivered to them within minutes.

Yo-Yo Dieting Is a No-No

Many women will lose and regain the same 10 or more pounds several times over the course of their lifetime. It seems innocent enough, if not typical.

Abs Diet Recipes - Good Food For Your Abs

If you're on an a diet trying to get your six pack abs to pop out, you'll know how tough it is to keep yourself entertained with interesting and exciting food. Eating a low fat diet shouldn't mean you have to compromise on flavour or texture, so here's a few ideas...

Eating in Restaurants While on the 6 Week Body Makeover Diet

Don't worry about eating out at restaurants when on the 6 Week Body Makeover.Many people become fearful when going out to restaurants while they are on diets.Remember, restaurants are not diet killers, your food choices are.

How to Store Certo Pectin Jams

Certo fruit pectin is used to help jams thicken. Certo comes in both powdered and liquid forms and can be used to make both cooked jams and "no-cook" freezer jams. Certo cooked jams can be stored at room temperature in a cool dark place for up to a year; Certo recommends that freezer jams be used wi

How to Lose Up to 15 Lbs in 14 Days

Lose up to 15 lbs in 14 days?This sounds like some kind of magic formula.Well, maybe it is.These days, people have been going out of their way to find the perfect solution to losing weight and numerous ideas and products in the market have attempted to provide the same.However, not all of them seem

How Nutrisystem Works

The commercials on TV make Nutrisystem seem almost effortless.You get to eat pizza, desserts and burgers and you'll look lean and slim like Jillian Barberie and Marie Osmond.Or, you eat five times per day and don't live in the gym yet you get reliable, steady, and dramatic results. But, an

Medifast - Diet For the Rich?

Medifast though not cheap still claims to give you 5 pounds off per week. This diet removes all the hard work out of dieting. You just have to be in good healthy condition and all work is done for you. However, will it work the way it is supposed to?

How to Breed Lobsters

Red lobster, a crayfish species, makes an excellent addition to ponds and aquariums. They work to clean food and other types of debris left behind. They also clean away any algae that may form on the rocks. Breeding lobsters to live in a pond, outdoor water garden or aquarium is simple to do. Since