How to Tone and Trim Your Thighs

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Executive Function At The Junction

"It takes a little more persistence to get up and go the distance." Ok, so we are living longer. Are we living better?

The Agony and Glory of the Nike Ad

'I didn't feel right when I was warming up before the race. I knew my foot would fail me. I felt painful when I was just jogging.'

Barcelona FC: ADIOS AMIGO?

How will 'almighty' Barcelona look without Pep Guardiola? Can Messi and his colleagues over-come the psychological impact and continue to deliver? Certainly there are so many questio

How to Pace a 1,600 M on the Track

The 1600-meter run, or "metric mile," has been a fascinating, frustrating event for decades. The combination of stamina and speed that a winning miler requires makes it an event that neither sprinters nor marathoners can easily win. In fact, the exertion required to sustain speed for four laps made

Health and Life

What are the components of good life? The priority should be: good health, peace of mind, love, and money.

Michelle Obama’S Let’S Move! Future of Aging

The Obama's have always been praised for their healthy looks, thanks to their carefully planned diets and the zeal to remain fit. The White House residents ensure the intake of healthy foods, lead an active ...

Constipation and Leg Pain

Although constipation and leg pain are different conditions and occur in different parts of the body, they may be interconnected and can have a common origin. In most cases, the origin is related to nerve damage or dysfunction. It is also seen that people with leg pain have a greater chance of const

How to Add Lean Muscle Mass

It's becoming increasingly apparent that the way we treat our bodies can have a significant, meaningful impact on our health and life expectancy in addition to actually improving the way we look and feel about ourselves. This is why it can be so demoralizing to spend so much time and hard work in th

A Successful Natural Alternative Remedy for Gout: The Cherries

There has been speculation and studies linking the eating of cherries with a reduction in the symptoms of gout for quite some time, and even as far back as 1950 there was a study published showing that they had got positive results when using cherries to help treat gout. This study was posted in an

The Hardening Of Arteries

When this condition occurs, fatty materials collect along the artery walls which then develops a plaque like clogging that eventually blocks the arteries entirely. As it continues to block the arteries, it makes them narrow and thin and then the blood can no longer freely flow through them, thus bei

Let Nature Be Your Doctor

Did you know that nature can actually heal various ailments? The pure air, sunshine and outdoor exercise can actually be a cure for some of those minor pains and discomforts that hit us from time to time.

Workouts That Target the Midsection & Sides

As many people know who have tried, getting rid of fat around the waist takes a long time and a lot of hard work. Side muscles, called obliques, and abdomen muscles do not get nearly as much use as arm, leg and chest muscles in daily life, so fat tends to accumulate there. But there are exercises th

Fast Weight Loss

I am so excited it's yours is Alexis studios I'm see other masters degree from hardware issue took a huge interest in good the and hold insist personal lives she has an amazing story and ...

Pregnancy after Tubal Ligation

Quite a large number of women who undergo the procedure known as tubal ligation to prevent them from having more children will eventually change their minds. For some women the reason that they choose to ...