Healthy Dark Chocolate - Myth Or Miracle?

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Whip Up Savory Culinary Delights With All Clad Cookware

An exceptional cook relies on some kitchen secrets and tools to make every dish tasty and memorable. Kitchen secrets include special ingredients like herbs & spices, sauces, jams & jellies, while tools include kitchen essentials like appliances, pots & pans, designed to bring out the best flavors an

A Few Health Benefits You Never Knew About Chocolate

Most people associate chocolate with the term "junk food," mostly due to the fact that it usually comes in forms that are high in white sugar, fat, and sometimes starch and other preservatives depending on what type of food product it is (such as cakes and cookies). But did you know that c

Nutty Buddy Ice Cream

This variation on the Nutty Buddy Ice Cream recipe allows you to use wooden sticks and have frozen and tasty treats to go. You can use your imagination with all of the fun and creative ways you can enjoy the recipe for nutty buddy ice cream.

French Wine Can Cost Over $1000 Per Bottle

Wine is undoubtedly one of the great national treasures of France, and some of the most expensive in the world, like a vintage Romanee Conti red wine produced in Burgundy can set you back anything upwards of 1,000 for just one bottle.

Herbs and Spices - the Essence of Flavor

Without variation, even the best of food eventually becomes bland and boring. The trick is to build in endless variation with the use of a few well chosen herbs and spices.

Making A Party Dessert Pizza Recipe

When you are having a special party, holiday fun or a gathering of people whether family or business associates you will want to serve something wonderful for an after meal dessert. Then again, perhaps you are party planning for a slumber party for your children and their friends. Whatever reason yo

Zucchini Baking Recipes

Looking for a way to use up all of that extra zucchini in your garden? Here are a couple of tasty baking recipes for zucchini.

Coffee Tasting Tips and Coffee Cupping

Just like wine tasting, when it comes to coffee tasting, there are certain points that are essential, starting with basic senses of look, smell and taste. We can smell thousands of different smells but we ...

How to Get the Freshest Cup of Coffee

One of the key factors of a great tasting cup of coffee is the freshness of the beans. However, finding the best way to store your coffee so you get the freshest cup isn't always easy. I found a lot of answers online that were confusing, unreliable and in some cases contradicting. However, ther

How to Cook Sheepshead Fish

When it comes to cooking sheepshead, almost anything goes. This is a very versatile fish, which is a member of the porgy family, and can be cooked in a multitude of ways. One of the simplest ways to cook sheepshead fish is to dip the fish in egg, coat with bread crumbs, and fry until golden brown,

Where Are Coffee Beans Grown?

There are few drinks in the world that are as widely and as habitually consumed as coffee. That dark roast you enjoy in the morning, afternoon or evening is a very popular drink. Entire business ...

Barbecue Cooking - Old And Fun Way To Cook Meat

Barbecue is man's oldest method of cooking food. It began with some pre-historic man and women who wandered up on the remains of some animals which was a victim of wildfire. It was better than raw meat. That is how cooking in a barbecue evolved.

What Would Life Be Without Fried Chicken?

Can you imagine American life without baseball? It's almost impossible. What would people do during the summer out in the backyard while they're having a picnic? What would be playing on the radio? You cannot ...

How to Keep Fish Fresh When Fishing on Piers or Beaches

If it were possible, the best time to cook fish is seconds after catching it. The moment a fish dies, the flesh begins to deteriorate rapidly, which is why many commercial fishing boats fillet and flash freeze their catches right on the boat. A weekend fisherman doesn't have that luxury. Anglers usi

Add Sauerkraut to Your Football Party Food Lineup

Bear Creek, Wis. - If you're tackling the task of hosting a memorable Big Game party, try changing your traditional football food fare lineup to include a little Sauerkraut in your recipe playbook. Sauerkraut can ...

A Butcher Block Lasts a Long Time

No matter your choice of use for a butcher block, wood counter top or kitchen cart you will want to be sure to know how to keep them clean, sanitary and maintained so they will hold their beauty for a very long time. You can use your wood counter top to pound chicken, cut raw meats or vegetables or