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Typical Western Diet

The typical Western diet consists mostly of foods which are considered unhealthy when eaten in abundance. This diet includes high quantities of red meat, fried food, refined grains and foods high in sugar and fat.

Cheap Ways to Filter Water That Is High in Sulfur & Iron

When a house gets well water or city water it may have high iron and/or sulfur content. If the water has rotten egg odor it contains sulfur. When the water leaves a reddish tinge on clothes, faucets, shower place and sinks, it contains iron. City water is treated with chlorine to remove bacteria and

How Does BPA Harm People?

Where BPA comes fromBPA, also known as Bisphenol A, is found in many plastic food containers and bottles. BPA can leach into foods and drinks and cause health problems in humans. While many believe that BPA is not toxic, studies have shown that even in low doses, BPA can disrupt the...

What Does an Elevated Potassium Level Indicate?

Three-fourths of all cases of elevated potassium levels indicate kidney disease, which can be fatal if it isn't treated right away. Symptoms to watch for are skin tingling, weakness, an irregular heartbeat and numb hands or feet.