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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure With Chocolate, Sex and Beer

The US is experiencing unprecedented rates of high blood pressure. Recent stats have come in showing that 1 in 4 men between the ages of 35 and 45 have high blood pressure. Incredible! 12% of men between 20 and 34 also have high blood pressure, and as our diets, weight and health spirals out of cont

Fat Loss Foods Means Healthy and Natural Foods

There are particular foodstuffs that when we consume them for consecutive days we are often guaranteed that we will somehow reduce weight. Although this does not intend that, we must continue in eating fat loss foods that enable a person, reduce weight and refrain from our normal daily meals. We sho

The Best Types of Exercises to Lose Weight

For someone who is planning to lose weight, exercise is almost always a recommended part of the weight loss program. Weight is gained when the amount of calorie intake is higher than the amount of calories used up by the body...

Can You Really Lose Weight With A Colon Cleanse?

After you've made the decision to get a tattoo and you have chosen your design, the next step is choosing a qualified tattoo parlor. This could possibly be one of the most important decisions in ...

How to Reduce Cellulite in Your Butt

Although fat builds up in other areas of your body such as your thighs, stomach and waist area, some people have the tendency to store fat in their butt. Cellulite refers to the fat build up in the body and can be reduced with performing specific exercises targeting the muscles. Whether you are gett

The Secret to a Healthy Weight

Gaining a healthy weight is more than dieting and exercising. A Healthy weight takes a change our self image. Hypnosis can not only help a person gain a healthy weight but keep that weight for a lifetime!

Ephedrasil - Is Ephedrasil a Good Fat Burner?

Are you tired of constantly having to buy whole new clothes the simple fact that you gaining more and more weight? If you have this problem and have thought about losing some pounds of weight, you probably have heard about Ephedrasil. I know how distressing it can be for those who are suffering from

5 Keys To Better Health For Overweight Persons

Sleep reinforces the immune system and reduces our risk of infections, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression, and perhaps Alzheimer's disease. Rather than artificially inhibit sleep by taking sweets, caffeine and other stimulants, we should heed it and simply get some sle

American Idols Mandisas Weight Loss Success Secrets

You may have heard or watched the beautiful Mandisa being completely humiliated by Simon Cowell on season 5 of American Idol. After he saw her on stage, he had the nerve to say are we "going to have a bigger stage this year." What a jerk! After his disparaging remarks however, Mandisa deci

Losing Belly Fat Strategies Discussed

Losing belly fat can be challenging! But it is perfectly achievable with the right approach. For losing belly fat you must tackle all body fat and not only belly area. That’s just the way the metabolism works! It decides which fat it will burn – not you! And unfortunately the sequence it

Healthy Weight Loss Plan - Lose Weight the All Natural Way

A healthy weight loss plan that you combine with vegan principles is said to be a great way to eliminate those body fats. You will not only be able to eat healthy, you will also find yourself the owner of a great looking body. There are a lot of weight loss programs available but you have to be sure

Is it Worth the Weight?

Scale got you down? Find out why the scale only tells you part of the story. Plus...learn how to monitor your weight loss progress like the pro's do!

Compare Natural Weight Loss Pills

According to manufacturers, diet pills use natural ingredients capable of prolonging life and contain alcohol used in medication or flavoring. One thing's for sure, never take diet pills as a substitute for cutting calories without ...

Stop Dieting - You Can Still Lose Weight

All your life I will bet you have heard, and probably believe, that dieting is the only way to lose weight. There are other options that maybe you have not heard about. Now is the time to get a new slant on losing weight.

How to Get Rid of Upper Body Fat Quickly

An average American male retains excess calories as body fat and sometimes it gathers around the upper body. So what's the best way to get rid of upper body fat in the shortest time?

Diet & Glucophage to Control PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) has many symptoms, including lack of ovulation, increased hair on the body, acne and obesity. Women with PCOS are insulin resistant, so their cells do not process insulin properly. This results in excess insulin in the blood, which exacerbates the symptoms of PCOS.

Healthy Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

If you are searching for an effective and fast method to shed excess body fat, then what you need are juicing recipes for weight loss. You will be consuming all the nutrients plus vitamins you ...